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How to Choose a T-Shirt if You Have Large Breasts

There are times when you might want a little attention for your figure, but there are likely also times when that kind of attention is simply unwanted. When you want some attention paid to your figure, there are many different T-shirt types to wear than if you don’t want that kind of attention.

A good, attention-getting T-shirt for someone with this type of figure is one that is well fitted. The well-fitted T-shirt will fit the bust like a glove and will not be baggy around the chest. This is a way to enhance the bust line and to make it more noticeable to anyone who sees you in this type of T-shirt. Depending on the type of bra you wear, the T-shirt size that you choose may be different.  A bra that offers a lot of support will probably allow you to wear a smaller sized T-shirt than one that doesn’t. Choosing a good support bra means not only being able to fit into a smaller size, it also means having a silhouette that is made more attractive by the tight-fitting T-shirt.

There may be a lot of times when you don’t want any attention for your figure, however.  During those times, choosing a T-shirt that is looser in the bust line is the best idea. A looser bust line conceals the exact size and shape of the bust and keeps it from getting too much attention. Wearing a T-shirt that is one size larger than one that fits like a glove is a good way to keep the bust line from being too prominently noticeable in the T-shirt while keeping the T-shirt from getting to baggy.

To make the bust line seen smaller than it is, wearing a darker color on top is the best advice.  Many women with large breasts wear black or dark-colored T-shirts to achieve this look. Any dark color will have this effect on your figure. You can choose from dark blue, dark green, dark purple, or even a deep burgundy red and the dark color will make the entire area that covers look smaller to the eye.

On the other hand, if you are seeking to enhance the area, choose a lighter color. A bright yellow, a pink, orange, or even a white T-shirt will make the area seem a little larger. This enhances the figure and calls attention to it.

For women whose breasts are very large and tend to get attention no matter what, wearing two T-shirts may provide a little bit of extra support. One T-shirt with a slightly larger T-shirt worn over it, or even two T-shirts being worn that are the same size, will give a little extra support to the breasts as well as offering more material. This thicker material means that the breasts may not be as easily noticeable then if the material was thinner. And with the extra support, the breasts will move less as the woman is in motion, meaning even less attention being focused on the breasts.

Is There A Size Between Medium And Large? Sizing Strategies

In regards to T-shirts, generally sizing runs small, medium, large and extra-large. Therefore, there is typically no size between medium and large. However, if you find that you do not perfectly fit into one or the other, you do have a number of other options to consider.

In general a medium from one manufacturer should be the same size as a medium from another manufacturer. However, in reality sizing really is different from one company to another. Some brands tend to run a little larger or a little smaller than others. So if you find that medium is too small and large is too big, you may want to try on T-shirts made by different companies. You may come across a brand which has the perfect size for you.

Another point to remember when T-shirt shopping, is that pretty much all cotton T-shirts will shrink a little with the first wash, even those that say pre-shrunk. Therefore if you find that the large is just a little too big, you may want to choose it regardless, as it will probably fit perfectly after it has been washed. This is especially true if you do not want a form-fitting shirt. In fact, if you are really want a loose-fitting T-shirt and find that medium is just perfect when you try it on, you are likely to be unhappy with the T-shirt size after it has been washed. So it may be in your best interest to purchase the next size up or look for a different brand that fits differently.

How your T-shirt fits is a very personal choice. Some people like T-shirts that are like a second skin. Others like a totally baggy look. Most people are somewhere in between and like a shirt that fits without being too tight or too loose. The way to make sure you have that perfect T-shirt is to buy one slightly larger than ideal, allowing for that expected shrinkage. Opt for a shirt that is a little longer than you’d like and shoulder seams that are just off the edge of your shoulder. By keeping these things in mind, you are sure to pick a tee that will be simply perfect for you after that first wash.

The great thing about buying T-shirts from an online retailer who specializes in custom shirts is that you can choose the brand of shirt you want that fits you exactly the way you want. If you like fitted tees you can opt for those. If you like looser fitting shirts you can order those also. You can even choose lightweight or heavyweight T-shirts, the color you want and other details. When you have picked out the tee you want you can customize it in any way you want. You no longer have to settle for a T-shirt that doesn’t say what you want because the one you really wanted wasn’t available in your size.

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How Can I Tell If My T-Shirt Is Too Big Or Small Based On The Shoulder Position?

Having clothes fit right is the key to dressing successfully. If you wear things that are too small, it gives the image of not caring how you look or that you are trying to dress provocatively. If you wear things that are too large, it looks sloppy or like you are trying to hide under oversized clothing. It may even look like you are wearing someone else’s clothes. Wearing properly fitting clothes is essential to a neat, pulled-together look.

Luckily it is very easy to tell if your T-shirt fits properly or not. You simply need to look at how your T-shirt falls on your shoulder. The seams of the tee where the sleeve meets the body of the shirt should be at the edge of your shoulder if it is the correct size for you. If that seam is closer to your neck, then the T-shirt is too small and you should choose the next size up. If the shoulder seam is on your upper arm, the shirt is definitely too large for you. You can still wear it and it will make for a great beach cover-up or T-shirt to sleep in. However, for everyday wear, you may want to opt for a smaller shirt that fits right.

When you are trying T-shirts on for size, remember the shoulder seam rule. You also need to keep in mind the fact that T-shirts always shrink a little with washing and you should account for that in terms of sizing. If you are choosing between 2 shirts and one is almost too small and the other almost too big, based on the shoulder seam rule, you should go with the bigger one. Inevitably, shrinkage will make the smaller one too small and the bigger one just perfect.

When shopping for T-shirts, do not assume that all brands will fit the same in the same size. One brand may be larger or smaller than another. Some brands tend to be more fitted or longer or shorter than others. That is why it is important to try them on for size or if you are buying online, check the dimensions and compare them to a shirt you own that fits well. Once you know that a certain brand fits you perfectly, it will make T-shirt buying much easier and quicker.

If you take a good look at your T-shirt wardrobe and realize that you have a bunch of tees that simply don’t follow the shoulder seam rule, it may be time to buy new ones. In order to look your best, get new properly fitted tees to replace those that are too big or too small. If some of those that don’t fit right are your favorites, you can get them replicated easily by ordering custom-made T-shirts in the right size. The great thing about custom-made tees is that you can choose any color, style or design that you want and have a variety of perfect tees made to fill up your wardrobe.

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How Can I Tell If My T-Shirt Arms Are Too Small Or Big?

Wearing a properly fitting T-shirt will make all the difference in the world to your comfort level and the appearance you want to project. A tee that does not fit properly can make you appear sloppy, careless, overweight or underweight. Therefore, it is important to choose your T-shirts carefully and notice the details of how it fits for the best look possible. This means not only do you need to make sure your T-shirt is not too fitted or loose in the body nor too long or too short in length, but you also need to be sure that the shoulders fit properly and the arms of the T-shirt are neither too small nor too big.

It is rather easy to determine whether or not a T-shirt fits you properly in the bicep area of your arm. When you put on the T-shirt, your sleeve should touch your arm around the entire circumference of it. It should not be too snug. If it feels tight, then it is too small. If your movement is limited by the sleeve, you should opt for a larger size or a different cut or style of shirt. If your upper arm bulges out under the sleeve, it is also not a good fit.

Sometimes T-shirt arms can be too big, especially in the bigger sizes. If you are wearing a size large or bigger shirt, you should look out for sleeves that are too loose. If you lift your arms out straight from your body and see that your sleeves droop a lot, it means that they are too big. If the sleeves are too long, they will typically be too big too, therefore you may want to look into T-shirts that have shorter arms in their style.

For women, the length of the sleeve varies a lot. T-shirts are available with regular length sleeves that arrive mid-upper arm, cap sleeves that stop just below the shoulder and ¾ length sleeves that end below the elbow. If a regular T-shirt’s sleeves arrive just above the elbow, chances are they are too big for you. No matter what the arm style of your tee, the same rules apply when determining if a T-shirt’s sleeves fit properly. No bulging, no drooping and a close neat fit indicate that the arms fit well.

If you discover that your T-shirt wardrobe suffers from too many shirts will ill-fitting arms you may want to invest in new ones that flatter your arms. Luckily you will find that most manufacturers have standard sizing, so when you find a brand that works well for you, take advantage of it and get several in that brand. A great option is to invest in custom-made T-shirts. That way if some of your favorite tees have to move out of your wardrobe because the arms don’t fit right, you can have new ones made to replace them that replicate them perfectly.

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Will Long T-Shirts Make You Look Shorter?

When putting together an outfit, questions are common. This is especially true if you are trying a look for the first time. T- shirt lengths and what looks best is often questioned. Many people like long T-shirts because they feel that they cover a multitude of sins. Others prefer short T-shirts, because they feel like longer ones get in the way, restrict movement or look sloppy. It is important to know which looks better for you and what type of appearance a longer T-shirt will produce.

For those concerned with giving the appearance of height, a common question is will a long T-shirt make you look shorter? The answer is it depends on a number of factors. If you are wearing a long T-shirt as a dress or even with tight, dark leggings, a long T-shirt will not make you look shorter. Wearing long T-shirts as nightshirts or bathing suit cover-ups are also a great idea and will not alter the impression of height. However there are certain clothing combinations with long T-shirts that will make you look shorter.

If you choose to wear a long T-shirt with a contrasting bottom color, you run the risk of looking shorter and even over-emphasizing the things you are trying to hide with the T-shirt, like those few extra pounds. If you prefer to wear long t-shirts, try to match them in color to the pants you intend to wear them with to provide a more seamless, sleek look that will make you appear taller rather than shorter. If you absolutely must wear a contrasting bottom under your T-shirt, make sure it is fitted and dark in color, like leggings or a straight pencil-line shirt. It may help to project the image of the tee as a dress and make it appear less more flattering. It also pulls the look together better and is neater.

Another tip with long T-shirts is to ensure that your T-shirt is just long, not over-sized. Wearing over-sized T-shirts tends to look sloppy and emphasizes the fact that you are trying to cover up body flaws. Make sure the T-shirt fits your upper body well so that you do not appear lost in it. Do not tuck it in, as this defeats the purpose of the shirt and creates unnecessary bulk.

In general long T-shirts tend to work best on taller people. In fact if you are looking to cut the appearance of height, wearing a long T-shirt in a contrasting color to your pants or skirt will do so nicely. The illusion of height will be severed by the interruption in the line of the body. The longer T-shirt will also make your legs appear shorter than they actually are.

If you are ready to get some long T-shirts to put to work to your advantage, the best option is to order custom-made ones. You can choose the colors you want and have them printed with anything you want on them. You can have a tee that looks trendy, shows support for something you believe in and much more. Better still, that carefully chosen T-shirt will fit perfectly into your wardrobe and be ideal for correcting those body flaws we all have.