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Are Undershirts Sexy?

Undershirts are often worn by guys of all ages. From little boys to retired gentlemen, undershirts are a common find in male wardrobes. There is a time in childhood, especially in cold climates, when little girls too wear undershirts, but for the most part, they are a male phenomenon. Whether or not undershirts are sexy is something that young men and teenagers tend to wonder as they get older and capturing the attention of the opposite sex is increasingly important.

Whether or not undershirts are sexy depends on many different factors. It primarily depends on whom you are asking.  If you are asking someone who grew up when undershirts and leather jackets were the epitome of cool, she is likely to say yes. If you ask someone who grew up when only nerds wore undershirts, she would say no. Most of today’s generation will tell you that it just depends on who is wearing it.

The wearer of the T-shirt will definitely help to determine if undershirts are sexy. For some guys, no matter what they put on, it will be sexy. For others, it just won’t be. If the person wears an undershirt with confidence and with other clothes that are sexy, then an undershirt will also be sexy, especially if he happens to be hot too.

Something else to take into consideration is the reason that wearing lingerie can be sexier than a woman being naked. Sometimes leaving a little to the imagination is sexier than showing it all. A guy who is nicely dressed with an undershirt under a button down will be infinitely more appealing than one who has his chest on display though a filmy shirt or from too many undone buttons.

Another factor to consider in the sexiness of the undershirt is the shirt itself. If your undershirt is in bad shape with holes, stains, major wear or fading, it will definitely not be seen as sexy. In fact, any hint of sexiness can be thrown off by a shirt in disrepair. It shows that you do not take pride and care in your appearance, which is definitely an unsexy trait. If your undershirt is dirty or dingy, it is also distinctively not sexy. Remember to take care of your clothes well if you are striving to look sexy. Women notice such details.

Fashionable V Necks Don’t Have To Be Undershirts

Traditionally V-neck T-shirts for men have long been used as undershirts only. One of the great features of the V neck undershirt is that you can wear it below an open button down shirt,  sweater or other type of shirt and not have to worry about the collar of the undershirt showing. This made V-necks a preferred choice for many men. Another thing that makes V-necks a popular choice is that they fit much more comfortably for men with larger than average necks. Luckily fashionable V-necks don’t have to be just used as undershirts anymore. They look great on their own as a regular T-shirt.

For women V-necks have long been a favorite and very popular option in T-shirts. They have been worn under other clothes and alone as a regular T-shirt too. However, for men, V-neck T-shirts have been worn only under other clothing items and not as a stand-alone T-shirt. However that has now all changed. Men’s V-neck T-shirts are now available in fashionable colors and are very popular. They look great on most all men. In fact they are much sexier than the regular crewneck tee that has long been a T-shirt staple.

A great outfit to throw together using a V-neck T-shirt is a simple T-shirt and jeans look. V-necks look great tucked in or not. They dress up a simple pair of jeans for a modern, trendy look. Opting for different color T-shirts will add to the allure of the V-neck tee too. V-neck shirts also still a good choice for layering and can be worn nicely under an open button down shirt, cardigan or blazer.

When you are ready to diversify your wardrobe with the addition of some fashionable V-necks, the best way to get them is by having them custom-made. You will be able to choose the fit of the shirt, the color, the fabric weight and the design, as well as the neckline. You can opt for a variety of different V-necks customized with anything you want on them. Many people opt to create popular design based tees that say things like Eat, Sleep, Play Golf or I heart golf.

You can also use customize a V-neck T-shirt in any number of ways. It can be for a special event. It can be a pride shirt stating that you are proud of a particular person or of belonging to a particular group. It can be to flaunt your accomplishments or favorite hobbies. It can even be a provocative T-shirt or a downright funny one. You can put a picture, image or graphic on it. People also use customized T-shirts as a way to campaign, educate others, celebrate, stand up for something, state their beliefs, ignite controversy, start discussions and say what they really feel. Let your imagination run wild and have a T-shirt created that is uniquely you.

Get your fashionable V-neck T-shirt and break out of the pattern of V-necks as undershirts only.

Is It Fashionable To Wear A T-Shirt Under A Buttoned Collared Shirt So It Shows At The Neckline

Fashion is something that changes quickly and often. It is very subjective and what is considered fashionable by one group or one culture may be considered “out” by another. Generally fashion will definitely change from one season to another. That is why when you go shopping it may be very difficult to find certain clothes in colors or styles that you want. Manufacturers will not make an abundance of every color every year. The colors that are in style will be the ones that are most commonly found.

Because of the versatility of fashion, many people tend to steer towards classic looks. Classic combinations, colors and styles make life much simpler because they tend to last a long time and can be worn from season to season and year to year. They take the guess work out of dressing and help you to avoid trends, if that is what you want to do. Items like simple T-shirts and buttoned collared shirts have long been a staple of many wardrobes and can easily be part of a classic look or a trendy look.

If you wear a T-shirt under a buttoned collared shirt so that it shows at the neckline, it is generally okay in terms of fashion. If you are wearing the buttoned collared shirt as part of a very conservative, dressy outfit, you may want to find another T-shirt that does not show at the neckline, as it takes away from the dressiness of the outfit. However, for less formal looks a T-shirt peeking out of a button-down shirt is perfectly fine. In fact, given the choice of a T-shirt peeking out or chest hair, many people would choose the T-shirt.

If you are wearing a T-shirt under a buttoned collared shirt, you may want to choose an old standard like a white T-shirt. This will be much more acceptable and look much better than unusual or bright colors. In fact if the T-shirt color clashes with the shirt, you may want to choose another color. Another good choice in T-shirt color is one that matches the color of the button-down shirt. This will provide a seamless look that is very appealing.

If you like wearing T-shirts under your buttoned, collared shirts, you can do so but remember to avoid wearing shirts with busy designs that can be seen through the collared shirts. Such a look is never flattering. You can however, choose to wear a T-shirt that says whatever you want it to say, especially if your button-down shirt is opaque. You can opt for a T-shirt that informs others about something you believe in. It can be a T-shirt that tells of things you have done or goals you have. It can talk about what you are passionate about. You can wear a T-shirt with a favorite picture or drawing. You can have practically any design you want on a custom-made T-shirt.

Get your custom-made T-shirt today and wear something that really speaks to you close to your body.

Is it ok that my t-shirt can be seen through my dress shirt?

T-shirts are extremely versatile and can meet a variety of your needs when dressing. In fact T-shirts are often used in layering or as an undershirt beneath other shirts and sweaters. Sometimes it looks fine to let your T-shirt be apparent through the dress shirt, other times it does not. Knowing when to let your T-shirt be seen and when not to can make all the difference in terms of dressing successfully.

When you are wearing a dress shirt, chances are you are attending a more formal event. You may be wearing a dress shirt for work, if you work in an environment that promotes a business professional style of dress. If you are in one of those situations, it might not be okay that your T-shirt can be seen through the dress shirt. If you are wearing a plain white T-shirt and your shirt is to cover up chest hair, your social faux-pas is not so great. If you are wearing a T-shirt with a wild and crazy design on it and it can be plainly seen through the dress shirt, chances are you should have considered something different when getting dressed.

When you need to wear T-shirts under dress shirts, opt for solid color ones that either are white in color, match the color of the shirt or your skin tone. Steer away from designs, pictures or anything printed on them. Another great idea is to purchase dress shirts that are heavier and do not show what you are wearing beneath them.

If you are wearing a dress shirt and the situation is less formal, wearing a T-shirt can be perfectly fine. Many people wear dress shirts loosely buttoned or even unbuttoned as a cover, a jacket or simply for the layered look. If this is what you are striving for, it is perfectly okay that your T-shirt can be seen through your dress shirt. Try to match colors and at least choose something that is complimentary for a more pulled-together look.

If you enjoy the laid back easy look of a dress shirt with a T-shirt underneath, you can use your T-shirt to express yourself any way you want to. In fact you can have T-shirts custom-made to do just that. You can have anything you want printed on a T-shirt. It can be your favorite picture, a drawing you have done or a message you want to convey. You can talk about the things you have accomplished, things you believe in or your favorite things to do. You can even boast about another person if you are proud of them. You can have some fun with your custom T-shirt by having something like these lines printed on them.
–    These are my dress clothes
–    Dressing up sucks
–    What do you mean a black tie printed on my shirt is not considered “black tie”?

Get your custom-made T-shirt to go under your dress shirt today for a unique look.