What Do The Size Numbers On A T-Shirt Mean?

“On one of my size small T-Shirts, it says 34-36. What does that mean?” This is a common T-shirt related question. When we are shopping for things and find different types of sizing methods, it can be very confusing. Suddenly, buying a simple small T-shirt has gone from a quick errand to a head-scratching puzzle. By understanding a little about how this particular sizing method works, you will be able to save yourself time and confusion.

There are a variety of different ways to size clothing and it often varies from place to place and manufacturer to manufacturer. The most common method of sizing is Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Extra Extra Large and so on. It is usually further divided into adult sizes and youth sizes. For certain items of clothing, different sizing methods are even used for men and women. It is very useful on the occasions that you come across T-shirts with number sizes to know exactly what they mean.

The number sizing method is actually very simple. It is basically the measurement around the chest in inches of the typical person who would wear that size. A size small would fit a 34 to 36 inch chest. A medium fits 38 to 40 inches. Large fits 42 to 44 inches. Extra large fits 46 to 48 inches. Extra extra large fits 50 to 52 inch chests. A triple X T-shirt would fit someone whose chest measures 54 to 56 inches.

However, when you are choosing a T-shirt, remember that there is always a certain amount of shrinkage to consider. All tees should be expected to shrink about 3-5% in width. The average shrinkage for the length of a T-shirt is 8-12%. Therefore, you should definitely buy one size larger if you are on the higher end for the chest measurements for your size. If you are on the lower end of these measurements, you may be okay getting a tee in the size you are supposed to fit into. Another good piece of advice when shopping for T-shirts is to familiarize yourself with common brands and how they fit. With time you will learn which ones tend to run a little large or are more fitted than other brands. This will help you make the right choice in sizes.

The great thing about custom T-shirts is that there is rarely a sizing problem. Often when you go to a retail store and find a shirt that you just have to have, it is sold out in your size. You may need to check other stores and waste a lot of time tracking down that perfect tee. By having the perfect T-shirt custom-made, you can be sure that it is the perfect size, color, style, cut, quality and design for you. With the endless choices you have in custom-made T-shirts, you can wear the absolute perfect T-shirt everyday if you choose to.

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