Clothing tells

What Our Clothing Tells about Us

Clothing tells

You’ve heard the expression wearing it on your sleeve right? Well nothing could be truer than what you actually wear on your sleeves and on the rest of your body for that matter. Cloths say more about us without ever speaking a word then we could tell someone in an hour long conversation.

Just by looking at the way a person’s ensemble is arranged can tell you a lot about them and some of the combinations can tell you even more. Here are some of the things you can gather by observing the way people dress:

•    Sloppy and wrinkled cloths:
When you see sloppy and wrinkled cloths on someone, right away you think of someone that doesn’t care much about how they look. But it is much more than that. A person dressed in this manner is probably much unorganized and has too much on their plate. It can also tell you that the person likes to sleep in and are probably rushing in the morning to get ready and just don’t have the time to iron.
•    Ironed cloths that are prim and proper: This type of person obviously cares a great deal about the way they dress and you can bet that everything else in their life is as tidy as their attire. This person may be what some call a neat freak and is more than likely just a little on the uptight side. Though these individuals are usually on top of their game they are also usually easily frazzled. This will be evident if you ever get to point out a stain to them.
•    Jeans, a t-shirt, and flip flops: This is a person that is usually very easy going. They usually care what others think, but only a little bit. These are the types of people that are not easily unnerved and can shrug off many little things that can greatly upset others.
•    Workout cloths like muscle shirts: You know the guy; he is at the grocery store in either a really tight t-shirt or a muscle shirt and is always kind of looking around to see who is looking. This person is obviously stuck on themselves and really likes attention. But give them a break; they worked hard for their body so they deserve a stare or two. Besides, this type of person is also usually insecure about life in general.
•    Baggy clothing like sweat pants: These people are usually very self-conscious and are usually a bit overweight. Usually they want to get into shape with their mouths but rarely with their actions. Instead of doing things the hard way, these people will simply opt to wear loose clothing and hide what they don’t like.
•    Colors: This is a no brainer. People who wear bright cheery colors are usually, well bright and cheery. On the flip side those who wear dark and drab colors are usually depressed and sad all the time.

As you can see, our cloths speak volumes about our lives and our actions and now that you know some of the things that clothing says about you, you may want to think just a bit more before you get dressed in the morning.

One thought on “What Our Clothing Tells about Us

  1. Era

    Congratulations. You just managed to perpetuate a whole range of ungrounded and unproven clichés. Have you actually ever met people? People who wear clothes?

    What I’m trying to say is, there are a great many reasons why people wear certain clothes: but most of the time it’s just because people think those clothes look nice on them, they like the style, it makes them comfortable, or a certain circumstance requires it. That woman in the black shirt probably isn’t “depressed and sad all the time”, she just thinks black brings out her hair nicely. Or whatever.

    Please, don’t put people in boxes just because of what they wear. Someday you’re going to judge someone very wrong.

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