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How to Become a Fashion Stylist

Fashion stylist

If you are an individual that is always up to date with the latest in fashion and you have a passion for helping other, perhaps you should consider becoming a fashion stylist. As a fashion stylist you will help those whose fashion sense isn’t up to par and work with them to create an entire new look that is unique to them. Just as a hair stylist is charged with making a masterpiece out of someone’s hair, you job will be to mold them and their sense of fashion.

While there is no real formal training to become a fashion stylist, you must have a true passion for what you do as the world of fashion is an ultra competitive one. Still, if you can handle the competition, there are few jobs as rewarding as a fashion stylist. Here are the steps to take to get your fashion stylist career going full steam:

1.    Keep up with the latest fashions:
Obviously if you want to become a fashion stylist you have to be up on all the latest fashions. This can be accomplished by reading all the fashion magazines you can get your hands on and also attending any and all fashion shows that are in your immediate area.
2.    Create a portfolio: In order to sell your services you have to have examples to show potential clients. This can be achieved by dressing a mannequin in styles that you pick out and photographing the results. This will enable you to show to potential clients your ability with fashion and gives you examples to work off of. As you gain clients, start using before and after photos with their approval for your portfolio as well. These photos can easily be uploaded to a simple website so that you can access them from any computer and always have them at your beckon call to help you sell yourself.
3.    Build your clientele: It is important to build up a solid list of clients as quickly as you can. This doesn’t mean you should cut corners with your services, but until you have a good list of clients you should cut your fee. Once you have a solid list of clients you can gradually raise your prices to match your reputation, just be sure to always charge your original clients the same low price they have always enjoyed. This will increase their loyalty to you and make them more likely to recommend you to family and friends.
4.    Give impeccable service: If you take care of your clients and give the best service possible they will reward you by referring you to everyone they know. Word of mouth is big for any business, but it is especially big for the fashion stylist business.

One thing that many in the fashion stylist business eventually have to consider is relocation. Yes you can build a successful business in a small area of the country, but to be mega successful you should really be in areas that have lots of people and lots of money. Some of the more popular places to be a fashion stylist include parts of New York, California, and Florida. Many times a fashion stylist will get their feet wet in a smaller area and move on to a bigger area as their reputation becomes big enough to match the area in which they wish to relocate to.

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  1. Kristen

    question…im 24 and lookin for a career change…is it to late? i luv fashion and get compliments all the time…but i have no experience and a degree in another field…help!

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