What Pants Match My Orange T-Shirt

Orange can be a tricky color to match well with a pair of pants. If you have an orange T-shirt, you may want to have as many options as possible to wear with it. This will mean that you have plenty of outfits choose from while still wearing your comfortable orange T-shirt. Luckily, there are plenty of options that will work with orange.

One of the most obvious choices for orange T-shirt is a pair of brown pants. It hardly matters what the shade of orange is, it will probably go well with a pair of brown pants.  There are brown slacks that are dressy and will dress up your orange T-shirt, and there are far more casual brown pants that will create a much more casual outfit. Dark brown corduroy pants are sometimes worn with orange shirts, and the two colors tend to look good together. This may not be true however, if the orange T-shirt is a pastel orange.

Pastel orange colors will likely look better with a much lighter pair of pants. A pair of light tan pants or even white pants will go well with a pastel orange T-shirt. This is a good outfit to wear for casual business environments and for spring occasions. Tan pants are readily available any time and they come in a wide variety of styles, making this a very versatile outfit.

Medium and dark orange shades often look best with very dark colored pants. These orange shades look great when paired with a pair of black pants. A good business casual outfit can be a medium or dark orange T-shirt along with a pair of black slacks. This is particularly true when the orange is a very dark shade. If the shade is closer to a medium orange, a pair of khaki pants may look best. Medium orange and a medium shade of khaki are two earth tones that look great together. They make a great outfit that doesn’t stand out as being strange, but it certainly isn’t an outfit that everyone wears. It strikes that balance of being unusual without grabbing the wrong kind of attention.

Just about any orange shades also go well with jeans. Jeans come in a variety of shades just like any other type of clothing.  For the best shade, try to match the colors by their intensity. A bright orange T-shirt will probably look best with a medium blue pair of jeans. A very light shade of orange on a T-shirt will go best with a light blue shade of jeans. A dark orange T-shirt will likely be best paired with a pair of deep blue jeans.

You can experiment with mixing and matching these to see how well the colors go together. If you have a T-shirt that is straddling the line between a light and a medium shade of orange, you might try several shades of jeans to see which coordinates best.  Also remember that jeans come in other colors that might work with your T-shirt. A rust colored pair of jeans may be perfect for that dark orange shirt.

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