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Canada is a beautiful country with a wide variety of ethnic influences on the fashion styles found there. Because of its geographic vastness, the weather is very different from one province or territory to another. Whether you are the city or the country will also impact the choice of clothing you should make. These general guidelines will help you in choosing what to wear in Canada.

Your choices of clothes for Canada will depend greatly on the season and the weather forecast. Unfortunately many parts of Canada have unreliable summer temperatures, meaning that the weather may require summer clothes or you may need fall or spring outfits. Canada definitely has 4 distinct seasons and the choice of clothing differs from one season to the next with few items being appropriate for year-round wear. Jeans are definitely a year-round favorite.

Fall in Canada means long-sleeved shirts and pants. For dressing up, tights and pantyhose are needed with skirts and dresses. Dress boots will keep you fashionably in style. For guys layering a T-shirt and a regular shirt is a great fall look. You absolutely need to have a fall jacket, which is a light to medium weight jacket, to keep you warm until the snow flies. In fact, jackets that have a removable lining are perfect for this season, as they can adapt to warmer fall days or colder ones.

In winter, you will need to have a heavy jacket in most parts of Canada. A waterproof winter jacket is even better. This will provide you with the protection you need every time you go outside. Even your interior clothes should be chosen with care. Many buildings are not as warm as you would like in the winter and therefore extra clothing adds up to comfort. Layer as much as possible to ensure your comfort. Wool is a great choice to keep you toasty.

Spring clothing varies greatly, especially from one part of the country to another. Some places in Canada still get snow in May and occasionally early June. Others have experienced some very warm weather by the same point. While fall clothes may be logically a good choice, many people tend to gravitate towards lighter, more summery clothes backed up with a warm spring coat or cardigan. Canadians tend to be so excited about summer coming after the long winter that their wardrobe makes it to the season before the thermometer does.

Summer clothes for Canada are similar to other places, with the exception that nights still remain pretty cold for much of the summer in many places. This means a light jacket like a windbreaker is always good to have on hand. Canadians enjoy their short summer and like to get outside and soak up the sun, so you will often see them out in summer outfits long before you feel that it is warm enough to do so.

The province of Quebec is very unique. It is the only completely French province in the country and as such, takes much of its influences from France. Fashion is very important in Quebec and both genders take it very seriously. Quebecers dress up for everything. Whether they go shopping, to a restaurant, to work or just out with friends, they are always well-dressed, accessorized, coiffed and styled. The latest styles are what you will find on display in Quebec by people from all walks of life.

With these things in mind, you will be well-equipped about what to wear in Canada or as some refer to it, the Great White North.

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