What to Wear Tanning


When you don’t have the time or the patience to go out and tan at the beach, or the weather makes it too cold to do so, a great alternative is to go tanning at a tanning salon. These salons have you lay down in a tanning bed and instead of having to spend hours in the hot sun you can get a great looking tan with just a few 20 minute sessions in the tanning bed. But when you are getting ready to go to a tanning bed, what exactly should you wear?

The whole idea to going to a tanning salon is to get tan. That said there are a good number of people that like to tan in the nude. If you are not comfortable with tanning in your birthday suit, here is what you can wear:

•    Tanning oil: The first thing you will want to wear is tanning oil that is specifically made for indoor tanning only. If you wear sun block that is meant for outdoors you will not tan properly so you need to be sure that you are using the right type of tanning oil. The tanning oil will not have any SPF in it so it is not to be worn when you do go to the beach as it will only help the sun cook and burn you.

•    Bottoms only:
If you don’t want to be nude but also don’t want tan lines on the top, one option is to tan with your bikini bottoms or panties on only. Guys of course should either wear just underwear or a Speedo.

•    Entire bikini:
If you don’t mind tan line then you can wear your entire bikini and this will give you the coverage you want and still allow you to get a tan over almost all of your body.

•    Goggles:
You can buy your own or the tanning salon can supply you with these. They are very small and very dark and only cover your eyes but need to be worn to ensure that your eyes are protected from the rays that the tanning bed emits. You could opt for regular sunglasses here but keep in mind that you will then have those hideous looking sunglasses tan lines.

•    Towel:
While you will not wear this you will need it when you get out of the tanning bed as you will work up a pretty good sweat by laying in one. Having a towel handy will make for a quick dry down once your session is over.

Basically when it comes to tanning indoors you can wear as much as you want to. If you are comfortable going in the raw then by all means do so. Don’t let the fact that someone else before you tanned in the nude disturb you as federal law mandates that all tanning salons give a good disinfecting to the tanning beds in between each client. The only thing keeping

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