How to Dress Like Jesus


He goes by many names including, the son of God, Jesus of Nazareth, and Jesus Christ and whether you believe in him or not you have no doubt heard of him and know who he is. The stories from the Bible about Jesus are legendary. Jesus saved and healed so many and was then crucified to save the souls of all mankind only to rise once again three days after his death. More recently people have been seeing this symbol of Christianity in everything from grilled cheese sandwiches to grease spots on their driveways. And to think, such a powerful man had such a simplistic way of dressing, though he dressed normal for his time.

If you too would like to dress like Jesus here is how you can do it:

•    Robe: Jesus was known for his long flowing all-cotton robe. This is the typical robe that the average man wore back in those times in the Middle East. The robe should be white and should come down to about your calves or longer if you prefer. Remember not to go fancy here as Jesus dressed like the everyman of those times.

•    Footwear:
Jesus always had on sandals. Every picture that depicts him shows this to be evident. Again, this was just the footwear of the time and though Jesus had great power, he was also very humble and dressed like everyone else. The sandals should be the kind that are simple and have straps that go up to the ankle or higher.

•    Accessories:
Tie off the robe with a piece of ordinary rope and if you like you can wear a red shoulder sash as there are numerous pictures of Jesus doing so. Aside of that, unfortunately Jesus’ only other accessory that he ever wore was a crown of thorns. If you are dressing like Jesus to attend a costume party then you can further depict your character by making a fake crown of thorns to wear or by crafting a halo that can be worn over your head. Either head dress will get your point across. You can also carry a walking staff as Jesus often did. Two great props to further depict your character is to carry a loaf of bread and a fake fish as there are many stories in the Bible about how Jesus would feed many with only a single loaf of bread and one single fish.

•    Hair:
To complete the Jesus look you have to have long hair. If your hair is short, consider a wig. Most pictures show Jesus’ hair as shoulder length and brown in color. Jesus also had a full beard and mustache. If you can’t grow one thick enough to look right again go with props. There are many stores that offer beards and mustaches that can be temporarily glued onto your face.

Remember, even though Jesus was the all mighty savior of man he never called attention upon himself. To truly pull off the look you have to look confident, yet humble all at the same time.

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