Color shirt

Which Color T-Shirt Would Look Best On Me?

Color shirt

What color t-shirt you wear has a lot to do with your mood, but you should also consider which colors will be the most flattering for you. There are several methods of figuring out the most flattering colors for anyone. Here are a few easy methods that anyone can use at home to determine which colors will look best.

Before you decide which t-shirt colors will look best on you, you need to understand the rest of your coloring. Take a look at your hair, skin tone, and eyes. The color of all these aspects is what you want is to flatter. For instance, if you have very dark hair, wearing a very dark t-shirt will make the two blend into each other. To better flatter dark hair, wearing a lighter color t-shirt will make your hair stand out.

If you have blond hair, wearing a yellow or orange t-shirt may not be as flattering as wearing a darker-colored shirt that will make your hair color more noticeable. If you are a redhead, wearing a red t-shirt is almost never flattering. Yellow and orange are also rarely flattering to redheads. Blues, greens, and other colors that are eye-catching but that will not clash with your hair color will be the most flattering.

Your skin tone will also have a lot to do with what t-shirt colors work for you. If you have redness in your skin tone, wearing a red t-shirt will not be as flattering to you as wearing a blue t-shirt that will not make your redness a lot more noticeable. If you have some yellow in your skin tone, wearing a red or purple t-shirt will make the yellow less noticeable.

If you want to flatter your eye color, matching your t-shirt color as closely as possible to your eye color will make your eyes far more noticeable. Someone with green or hazel green eyes should wear a deep green t-shirt to make their eye color pop. Someone with blue or hazel blue eyes should try to match the shade of their t-shirt to the color of their eyes. If you have brown eyes, a deep brown t-shirt will make your eyes that much more noticeable.

To quickly choose the most flattering color, place one color at a time under your chin and look into the mirror. You will notice that some colors bring out different aspects of your skin, hair and eyes. The way your skin and hair looks will immediately change when you place a different color under your chin. To do this experiment, you can use large paint chips, clothing that you already have, or you can print out colors from color charts in order to find ones that look best.

Another thing to consider is which colors give you confidence. There are some colors that may make you feel more confident, and therefore you will be more attractive. If you have colors like this, consider wearing them simply to boost your self-confidence. This is one of the most flattering things you can do.

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