What Pants Match My Green T-Shirt

If you have a great T-shirt that you love to wear, or you are looking for a green T-shirt, you might wonder what type of pants will go well with that shirt. There are several different answers for this question, but rest assured that you will never be without many options to wear when you have a green T-shirt.

What type of pants you choose to wear with a green T-shirt will probably depend on what shade of green is on the shirt. A dark green shirt might be paired well with a dark pair of pants. Black pants go well with dark green, as do some shades of dark brown. A dark green T-shirt with a pair of brown corduroy pants goes well together. A dark green shirt and would not, however, look as good with a light-colored pair of pants. They should generally not be paired with a pair of tan or white pants.

A mid-range green color has a few more options as far as pants that will go well with it.  A medium green may go well with a pair of dark blue pants, dark brown pants or a pair of black pants. They generally do not go well with red or green pants unless you are going for a Christmas theme with your outfit.

For light green T-shirts, light colored pants will coordinate well. A light green shirt with tan or khaki pants is a nice, casual look for many different occasions. Light green also goes well with white pants or other very light colors. For this shade, white, light yellow or off-white pants go well with a very light pastel green T-shirt.

If you want to be more creative in your pairings, think about what green is made up of.  Like that old commercial said, yellow and blue make green. Depending on the shade of green that you have, you might be to find a yellow or blue pair of pants that go well with the green T-shirt.  This is a very casual look that will get you noticed, and it will coordinate well in most cases. For instance, a light green shirt and a pair of light yellow or light blue pants will work well together for casual springtime occasion. A very dark green shirt will coordinate with a very deep color of yellow.

In just about any case, with any shade of green on a T-shirt, jeans will always work well.  It seems that no matter what the T-shirt looks like, what color it is or how dark it is, jeans will always look great with it. And depending on the shade of the T-shirt, it may be possible to create a slightly dressy look with jeans and a green T-shirt. A dark, forest green shirt with a pair of jeans and pair of dress shoes is a nice outfit that can be worn to just about any occasion. It looks good together and it can be taken from casual business events to night time activities.

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  2. Amanda

    Hey I need advice on what to wear with my tops, they are green, white,bagel and purple. I wear black leggings a lot so I need to wear something else

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