Polo shirts

What to Wear with Polo Shirts

Polo shirts

For both men and women there is probably no other article of clothing that can be worn with greater ease than the polo shirt. These short sleeved collared shirts give style, sophistication, and comfort all at the same time. When considering what to wear with your polo shirt, just look in your closet and drawers because chances are you already have a number of different options just waiting to be discovered.

Polo shirts can be worn on a casual and a semi-formal basis and have you looking good for either occasion. Here are some ways that you can dress up your polo shirts:

•    Jeans: No matter what kind of jeans you like, a polo shirt will compliment them. If you are going for a more casual look then you will want to leave you polo shirt untucked and you can even wear a pair of flip-flops to really state your casualness. If however you want to be a bit on the dressier side then tuck in your polo shirt, wear a belt, and wear a nice casual pair of shoes but not sneakers.
•    Khakis: Khaki pants and a tucked in polo shirt are the perfect combination for your office’s casual Friday. The fact that the polo shirt is collared still lends to the fact that it is somewhat formal, but at the same time it is short sleeved and therefore casual. It is a true win, win. Finish off the look with your regular dress shoes and you will be set for a casual day at the office or anywhere else you decide to go.
•    Shorts: Guys can be seen all over these days wearing cargo shorts and an untucked polo shirt. This look is usually finished off with a pair of flip-flops or sandals and because it is such a big casual statement it is the perfect opportunity to wear a baseball cap as well. The only time that you will want to tuck in your polo shirt with shorts on is if you are at the golf course, in which case you will be wearing a fancier golf style pair of shorts.
•    Miniskirts and short shorts: Not to be outdone by the guys, the ladies will often pair their own version of ultimate casual and wear a denim miniskirt with a polo shirt. You can choose to tuck in the polo shirt or leave it untucked; it’s really up to you. For footwear go for anything from flip-flops to flats, or even a nice pair of high heels. Have even more fun with this look by adding a pair of leggings into the mix. If miniskirts are not your style you can accomplish the same laid back fashion with a cute pair of short shorts. Again tucked or untucked is totally up to you.

Polo shirts are great and chances are that you have one or two right now hanging in your closet. By mixing and matching them with other garment you already own, you can go out and about in complete comfort and style.

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