Fitting room etiquette

A Guide to Fitting Room Etiquette

Fitting room etiquette

Most department stores that you visit have a place known as the dressing room or fitting room where you can go to try on clothing you are thinking about buying. Some fitting rooms hare fully closed in with a door while others have a curtain that can be drawn closed and still others resemble the old style western saloon doors. Whichever type of fitting room you find yourself in there are some rules of etiquette that should be followed.

While some of these rules are posted and some are unspoken, they should all be followed in order to ensure that everyone has a pleasant experience in their shopping trip.

1.    Keep it down: You need to remember that the walls of a dressing room are strictly there for privacy purposes and that it is very easy for the person in the fitting room next to you to hear a conversation you may be having with a loved one or a friend. No one wants to hear how you or someone else thinks your butt looks in a certain type of jeans, so keep your voices down. This goes for those of you that like to speak really loudly on your cell phones too. Just because you can’t see the person in the next fitting room doesn’t mean that they can’t hear you. Though it may sometimes feel like it, a fitting room is not a phone booth.

2.    Occupied: If a door is closed or a curtain is drawn, always assume someone is in the fitting room. Never barge in as you and the occupant can be in for an unwelcomed surprise. If there are no other open fitting rooms, make sure to knock first and actually wait to hear for an answer back.

3.    Tidy up: You should always leave the fitting room in the same condition, if not better, than you did when you entered it. This means actually taking a little time and turning the cloths right side in and re-hanging them on their appropriate hangers if you do not intend on buying them. Then the clothing should be returned to the fitting room attendant. True, it is their job to look through the fitting rooms every so often to retrieve articles of clothing that are left behind, but don’t have that attitude. You wouldn’t like it if someone did it to you would you? A little courtesy can go a long way.

4.    Please keep your underwear on: Even if you are trying on something you would not normally wear underwear with, like a bikini, panties, or a swimsuit, leave your underwear on. First of all it is the right thing to do, but second off you could be the second or even third person to try on that garment. What if the person before you broke this rule?

5.    Be nice: This rule is often the most ignored. Be nice to the people who work at the store and are helping you with your fitting room experience. They are people too and there is nothing to gain by being rude to them.

When it comes to fitting room etiquette, little things can go a long way. They may be written or unspoken rules, but they are all important and will ensure that your next visit to a fitting room is a welcomed one.

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