Build School Pride with Great Tees

Elementary schools are the first real school that most children attend. Students learn many basic and advanced skills through the dedication of the school’s teachers and staff. Schools are also expected to help the kids build character and pride in their accomplishments. One of the ways schools can help kids show their pride is through custom t-shirts.

T-shirts are a common type of clothing that most kids wear to school. Creating a shirt for the school is actually a great idea since most kids wear t-shirts often anyway that it wouldn’t be a stretch to expect the students to wear it. The entire school can have the same design on their shirts. The shirt can be one of the school’s colors and the printing can be another. Having the name of the school, the year, a motto and the mascot are all things that can be put onto the shirt to create a school wide t-shirt.

Individual grades can also have t-shirts. The oldest grade can have a shirt that says, “Big kids on campus” and the year. They can also have “breaking out in 2008” if they are headed to another campus the next school year. The students can also create a slogan for their grade that they would love to have on a shirt. Adding a graphic of either the school mascot or other school related item like a pencil adds color to the shirt.

Teachers can have their own shirts to show others their passion for teaching. “You can’t scare me I’m a teacher” would be cute or you can personalize it even more and add the grade level or the number of students you have. “3 reasons I like teaching, June, July, August” would be funny. Or you’re shirt can make a statement about the difficult job teachers have. “Teachers can open the door, but it’s your choice whether you walk through it or not” is a very real truth. Another cute shirt is, “I’m a teacher, I get paid to tell you what to do.”

A cute shirt for kids is “homework is evil, it must be stopped.” A picture of a bus with, “Check out my ride” would be really cute on a kids t-shirt. Other cute kids shirts can be simple with “I’m in fifth grade” or whatever grade the child is actually in or “Recess is my favorite subject”. Using the child’s favorite class to create a shirt is a great way to make a personalized t-shirt. Whether you use reading, math, science or even music the shirt should reflect the child’s personality.

Designing a t-shirt is a great way to show your love of a school, a student, or a teacher. The shirt doesn’t have to be fancy, just a simple saying might be enough. If you want to make it more personal, you can add graphics to add uniqueness and dates that can remembered years later. Elementary custom t-shirts are fun to design and fun to wear, so enjoy it.

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