Top Ten Reasons to Get Custom Tees for Your School

Number 10: Field Trips…Ever been to the zoo or the museum during a weekday? Chances are you’ll see a school group or two on a field trip. It’s easy to identify them; they are usually little knots of kids wearing name tags or matching t-shirts. This is one of the top ten reasons that people get custom designed t-shirts for kids.

Number 9: Safety Patrols…Remember the safety patrols? You might have even been one. That bright yellow or orange belt and crossing guard flag were the emblems of school safety. That shiny silver badge showed all the other kids that YOU were in charge of the halls. Back in the day, patrols wore plain white shirts and dark pants. Today, fashion has taken over. Some patrol groups wear school uniforms with their names and job titles embroidered on the chest. But why not custom tees? Patrols could even design their own, and show their pride in their job at the same time.

Number 8: Band Geeks…These guys love to blow their own horn, and why not prove it with a great custom tee as well? Possibilities for these school t-shirts are nearly endless; graphics of the instrument a kids plays, name of the band, the school colors with some music notes, the name of the half time show, the list goes on and on. Band boosters, the parents who help support the band can also have matching custom-designed tees identifying their place in the organization.

Number 7: Club Tees…For all the kids in all the different clubs, having a custom tee is the way to go. It will easily identify who’s who and what’s what with a t-shirt that shows the student’s favorite club on campus.

Number 6: Athletic Tees…OK, while this one may seem obvious, it’s necessary to give it a nod on the top ten list. Playing a sport is all about being part of a team, and what contributes more to that feeling than wearing the same shirt as your quarterback or pitcher? Custom designing a t-shirt for the school’s basketball team, for example, is a good way to draw everyone together.

Number 5: Class Designs…Kids love to draw and paint, and for the more adventurous teachers, kids can draw and paint and then have the artwork printed right on their clothes! Doing a special Christmas design, say, can help the students make a great gift for grandpa.

Number 4: Teachers…Yes, even teachers can wear custom-designed t-shirts. Many schools have “Casual Friday”, and it’s a great opportunity for the teachers to band together and wear tees that show that they are committed to their school. They can be designed with the school seal or mascot and handed out during pre-planning at the beginning of the school year.

Number 3: Graduation…Graduation from high school is filled with special events and happenings. Why not have a t-shirt that commemorates this special time of a student’s school career? Emblazoned with the school song, and perhaps everyone’s name in the senior class, it is a shirt that everyone will treasure.

Number 2: PTA Members…Having the members of the PTA decked out in matching tees is a great idea, especially for PTA-sponsored events like Science Night or the Fall Festival. This makes them easily identifiable to anyone who may need their assistance.

Number 1: Drum Roll, please…….Fund-Raisers! The best reason to have custom-designed t-shirts for schools is so you can sell them for fund-raisers! Each year, students could submit different designs for a contest, and then the winner’s designs can be printed up on a tee. It could then be sold to benefit the school–the patrols, the football team, the library, etc…

Any way you look at it, there are tons of great reasons to get custom-designed t-shirts for your school!

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