School T-shirts – Custom Shirts for your Student Club or Organization

If you are in a student club or organization—anything from a sports team that already gets a lot of attention, to a new, small club you started with a couple friends—chances are you’d like to recruit new members and supporters. You’d also like to keep your current members excited about the club. What better way to achieve these goals than by creating some custom-made t-shirts to give to your club’s members?

Here are some possible clubs that could benefit from custom-made t-shirts:

Foreign Language Club (Spanish, Latin, French, Japanese, German, etc.), Chess Club, Key Club, 4-H, Choir, Band, Orchestra, Show Choir, Drama Club, Art Club, Environmental Action Club, School Newspaper, School Yearbook, Sports Teams (Swim Team, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, etc.), Student Council, Literary Magazine, Film Club, Prom Committee, Student Committee to Promote Respect, Poetry Club, Knitting Club, Sororities and Fraternities.

There are so many types of clubs and groups and organizations in every school that it’s often hard to even remember them all. If you remember when you first started school, you’ll recall how hard it was to keep all the clubs straight, and how much you wanted to find the right ones to be a part of yourself. Why not make the choice easier for incoming students by highlighting your club or organization on a t-shirt?

The beginning of the year is a great time to wear recruiting t-shirts. Clubs have all kinds of ways of recruiting and accepting people. Some will open their doors to anyone. For these clubs, make t-shirts that have some specific information about what your club does, and maybe who might want to join. Put this information on the back so people can read it in the hallways or sitting behind you in class. If your club is higher profile and has a selection process, like try-outs, auditions, or an application, then you can probably afford to put less information on your t-shirts. You can probably safely assume that people coming out for your club know enough about it already to submit themselves to a selection process. You just need to advertise the name of the club and the date that people need to sign up for try-outs, for instance.

Throughout the year, you may want t-shirts to boost the spirit of the club, or to advertise upcoming events. Having matching t-shirts is always fun, and you can then determine which days you will all wear your shirts, which is a fun group activity that takes the bond between your members a little further. It also may help recruitment next year, for other students to see your members walking proudly in their club t-shirts. If you have a special event or fundraiser coming up, t-shirts are a great way to get the word out, and to provoke questions from people who are curious about your group.

You can also get t-shirts to celebrate a victory or milestone for your group: a win in a special competition, an amount of money raised, an anniversary, or a welcoming of new members. It’s a great idea to design several t-shirts for each year. Any club that goes to the trouble to design t-shirts is an appealing club to be in.

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