How to Dress for Prom

The prom is an exciting event that most girls and guys look forward to for years. If you want a truly memorable prom, you’ll want to choose the right outfit and end up with great memories and great prom pictures to look at for years to come.

Prom dresses

To pick the best prom dress, don’t go with the one that’s the trendiest or the one that looks like the one your friend is wearing. The prom dress for you is one that is flattering to your specific shape, size and coloring. Your skin tone will have a lot to do with the color dress you choose. If you are a very fair skinned, look for medium to dark colors rather than a light color that will wash out your features. If you have a deeper skin tone, avoid dress colors that will blend in too much with your skin tone. You want to set off your skin tone rather than drown it out with a similarly-colored dress.

Remember your shape and size when you pick your dress. Everyone has their best and worst features. You want to try to accentuate your best features and to downplay your worst ones. If you are carrying some extra weight, consider an empire waist dress that will hide the stomach area. If you want to show off a small waist, choose a dress that is well tailored and has a defined waistline.

Stay away from dresses that are too ruffled and complicated. These just add bulk to your figure they can make you look heavier. There are dresses with large bows, ruffles and netting that detract from the overall goal of calling attention to your best features.

The length of the dress should be determined by your shape and height. If you are overweight, choose a dress that comes down below your calf and above your ankle. This slimming technique will show off the smallest part of your legs without revealing the largest parts. If you are very thin, choose a shorter dress that comes above the knee to show off your figure. This will make your legs look longer as well.


For guys, choosing a tuxedo is pretty simple. Most of the time, the girl will want your cummerbund, and sometimes your bowtie, to match their dress. If you are renting a tuxedo, try to do so is much in advance as you can to secure the proper colors that will make your date pleased. Make sure to wear all the pieces that come with your tux, including a vest if there is one.


For girls, plenty of accessories are perfectly acceptable. Wearing earring and necklace sets are a popular way to accessorize a prom dress. You might also go with some hair jewelry like sparkly clips, pins and barrettes. Some girls also wear a small tiara to their prom.

For guys, there aren’t many accessories that are needed. Many guys like to wear cufflinks with their tuxedos, and this is a nice way to personalize the tux.

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