How to Dress Like a Model


Models dress in a variety of ways however, overall most models tend to dress in designer duds. Often they receive clothing from design houses that want them to wear their outfits when they are seen, and inevitably photographed, in public. It is a great system that is beneficial for both parties. Models get to wear the latest in designer clothing and don’t have to pay for it. Designers get free publicity in exchange for hot models wearing their clothes when they go out.

Dressing like a model requires a hefty financial commitment. Even if you skip the genuine designer labels and opt for knock-offs, you have to keep up with the latest fashion, so that means pretty much constant investment in new clothes. You will at least need to buy certain new pieces every season to wear with classic items you have on hand like solid color T-shirts and jeans.

Another thing you will have to do if you are interested in dressing like a model is to keep a constant eye on fashion. There are definitely different fashion trends that emerge each season and that take off practically defining that season’s style. Other things may emerge throughout the season, especially if a style icon like Victoria Beckham takes to wearing something new. Therefore keeping an eye on not only what the designers are doing but also what the fashion forerunners are wearing is an absolute must for anyone who wants to dress like a model.

Another aspect of dressing like a model is paying attention to detail. Models have someone oversee every detail of their outfit before they go out in it. Therefore you will need to appear as well put together too if you want to emulate their look. This means keeping your clothing in great condition by ironing it or steaming it before wearing it, repairing holes, loose buttons and other things that need repairing. Clothes should also fit impeccably if you are dressing like a model. Clothing should never be snug, too loose, too short or too long. Do what needs to be done to make sure clothes fit how they are designed to. Luckily most alterations tend to be very inexpensive.

When it comes to clothing most often worn by models, the color black stands out greatly. Most models can be seen sporting all black or black basic pieces quite often. Therefore you should invest in some good quality items that are black in order to create a wardrobe foundation to work around. It is much less expensive to buy a top or two and the season’s hottest accessories when looking to sport the latest trends than it is to buy a completely new wardrobe every season.

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