Urban hipster

How To Dress Like An Urban Hipster

Urban hipster

What is an urban hipster you may ask? An urban hipster is someone who is in their twenties, doesn’t have any serious responsibilities as of yet and are free to enjoy life. Their style tells the world that they are an anything goes kind of person and in this sense they often spawn new fashion styles.

Well, that’s great for them you say but I have responsibilities and a job and bills and all that stress and junk. That’s okay; you don’t have to be an urban hipster to dress like an urban hipster. You just have to look like it and be able to pull off the mindset every now and then.

Here’s how you do it, and just a note, this works on skinny people and is hard to pull off if you are really overweight and that’s not being mean, it’s just the way this style works:

1)    The first thing to learn is that anything goes with anything. The only rule is that you are not a slave to current trends or fashion magazines. You make the fashion you like and who cares if anyone likes as long as you do.
2)    This style, or anti-style should leave you looking mismatched yet, strangely adorable.
3)    Jeans should be tight fitting and of almost any color you can think of other than light blue. Black, neon or dark wash colors are perfect.
4)    Your shoes should be motorcycle boots, vintage heels, ballet flats or the always classis black and white check Converse.
5)    The shirt should go almost the opposite direction of the pants. You want something that has a little more flow to it and is a bit longer than usual. We aren’t talking down to your knees here, but past the waist is a good call. Men’s shirts work great for this look if you are a woman.
6)    If you don’t feel like doing jeans, leggings are another great way to go. Couple it with a short, tight fitting skirt that has an interesting pattern at the bottom. Wearing big boots caps off the look perfectly.
7)    Now you have to accessorize and you need to do so heavily. When you are looking for these types of things do not think modern at all, we are heading back to the 80’s for this with a ton of rubber ring bracelets and big beady necklaces. Also, kids stuff like Hello Kitty are also perfect accessories.

Now just remember, if you are going for that urban hipster look, you have to ignore current trends completely. You do not follow trends, you make them without trying to make them, It just happens to be a side effect of the coolness and relaxed mentality and lifestyle you lead every day.

Almost forgot to talk about hair. You definitely want something that is not considered normal. If you hair is long, go for the tousled look or pull it into a ponytail. For shorter hair, the spiky look is always a winner as is the plastered around the face emo hairstyles.

8 thoughts on “How To Dress Like An Urban Hipster

  1. Vicki

    i agree with the tight black or colorful jeans and long shirts thing but as far as accessories go rubber bracelets and hello kitty are going to look more hot topic than hipster.

  2. anon

    “You do not follow trends, you make them without trying to make them”

    dressing like a hipster is a trend….

  3. Maggot

    “You do not follow trends, you make them”

    By dressing the same as every other moron who wants to be cool. If you don’t want to conform war a Fez or a Jacobian ruff – no one wears those.

  4. Dijah

    Funny thing is this so called ‘hipster’ trend is actually all over the place but I already loved the 80s and 90s and oversized sweaters etc. so I don’t want to be hated for my natural love of those things because these so called ‘hipsters’ ruined it and any bit of clothing associated with it. So not fair.

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