How to Dress Like Blair Waldorf

Blair Waldorf’s look is nothing if not classic, simple and chic. The look may look easy to put together, but it does take an eye for classic pieces to create the kind of style that Blair Waldorf favors. To dress like Blair Waldorf, it’s important to stick to a simple color scheme and to use only classic, tailored items that work well together. Blair would not approve of sloppy clothing that doesn’t fit together well.

Dresses and Skirts

Blair Waldorf loves to wear dresses and skirts. She is rarely, if ever, seen in pants and she wouldn’t dream of wearing shorts. She’s a girlie girl at heart and makes the most out of short to mid-length skirts and dresses of just about any length.

One of her favorite types of dresses is the babydoll dress. This is a simple dress that generally has a high waist or no waistline and it generally has few details. It can have long sleeves, ¾ sleeves, short sleeves or it may be sleeveless in some cases. The babydoll dresses that Blair wears are always very classic looking with elegant lines and with a very feminine look. These dresses often have floaty ends that flow well to create a flirty, girlie look. She sometimes wears far more detailed dresses that have plenty of interesting details and texture, such as one similar to this white dress.

Her skirts are often a mixture of business-like looks and feminine details. She tends to prefer black skirts, white skirts and patterns that use both black and white. Her skirts are often paired with starched, white shirts with few details. The shirts are classic pieces, and sensible Blair knows it. These shirts can be paired with many different skirts to create many classic looks.


It’s rare to see Blair Waldorf without a headband. In many cases, the headband is the only spark of color in an otherwise neutral outfit. She loves to pair simple, black and white outfits with a bright red, yellow or blue headband. Sometimes she will pair a dark outfit with a white or silver headband. The headbands sometimes are plain, brightly-colored bands and sometimes they have bows or other adornments on them. She has been known to wear a bright scarf as a headband as well.


Because Blair wears so many skirts and dresses, she does have a need to keep her legs warm. Part of her signature style is the vast array of tights she has in her collection. These tights are one of the ways that she introduces texture and detail into her wardrobe. While the rest of her outfit may be more classic, she loves to wear textured and patterned tights. She has tights in black and white as well as colors, patterns and even in lace and knit patterns. The most common colors that she wears are black, white and navy. If you have a classic, preppy outfit in one of these colors, pairing it with a pair of coordinating tights will make it look like something that Blair Waldorf would be very comfortable wearing.

3 thoughts on “How to Dress Like Blair Waldorf

  1. M

    Celia is right, and I’m quite sure in season 1 when Nate is getting fitted for the Deb and she’s wearing jeans. Also while her and Chuck are having a little ‘hook up’ sesh in season one. But she rarelys wears pants. 🙂

  2. coolness

    yarrrr! its TRUE! wen she goes to the NYU party she wears these adorable little yellow shorts matched with a brown and gold top and pumps

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