Nicole Kidman

How To Dress Like Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is an award-winning actress with staying power, as well as an extraordinary humanitarian. She has been a successful movie actress for many years. From Australia, she has been in the limelight much of her adult life. The stunning tall, redhead/blond beauty has classic looks and always gives off an air of grace, elegance and confidence. Equally famous for her marriages to Tom Cruise and Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman is sexy and sophisticated, a rare combination for a celebrity.

Nicole Kidman has two very different styles. Her casual, every day look is somewhat ordinary and unglamorous, yet is very classic and sophisticated. However, her red carpet style is packed with glamour and elegance. She stands out regally with beautiful dresses that complement her tall, slender model’s body and show off her milky complexion to a tee.

If you want to dress like Nicole Kidman, it is important to be aware of the aspects of her wardrobe that define her most. She is known for dressing in classic styles. Even when she is wearing a casual outfit, it is never as casual as most people would be. She even pairs jeans and T-shirts with a sweater or blazer and heels.

Nicole’s red carpet look is very elegant. However, it is also varied. She wears a variety of colors well, including red, blue, yellow, black and white. While she does not avoid prints and can wear them beautifully, she tends to opt for solid colors. Most of her formal wear is floor-length and shoulder-baring. Fabrics are typically shiny. Aside from dresses, she has also been seen in classic formal pantsuits that look amazing. She tends to opt for designer outfits, but many of these can be found for a bargain if you’re willing to accept a knock-off.

Nicole’s accessories are often minimal. She favors high heels, despite her height. In her casual look, she often goes for scarves and ball hats. Like most celebrities, she is also a fan of oversized, black sunglasses. She occasionally opts for jewelry however, dangling earrings are definitely a favorite.

As a part of dressing like Nicole Kidman, you will want to take note of some things that are not fashion related but will help you to look like a million bucks and more like Nicole. Keep your makeup simple. Nicole typically wears moisturizer, foundation, mascara and lipstick. Avoid tanning. Nicole has milky white skin and uses sunscreen to keep it that way. Keep your hair in great shape and try a variety of styles both up and down. Stay on top of dying it, if you do, because nothing detracts from a look quicker than hair that needs a touch-up. Remember your posture. Pull back your shoulders and stand up straight for the best silhouette possible.

Find your Nicole-like outfits today and get your wardrobe ready so you can turn heads too. Dressing like Nicole Kidman will get you the best kind of attention possible, because she is elegance personified.

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