How to Dress Like Spencer Pratt

Spencer Pratt dresses in many different styles, depending on the particular occasion. One of his most recognized styles is the dressy look that he wears to premiers and awards events. His dressy style is a trend-setting pinstripe suite worn with a light-colored shirt with large lapels. His large, pointy lapels make his dressy outfits unique and recognizable as Spencer Pratt’s style.

Along with his dressy outfits, he does not wear a tie. To achieve this look, wear suit pants and a suit jacket, and button only the top button of the jacket. Choose a shirt with the widest lapels you can find to complete this look. Wear the shirt without a tie and keep the top button unbuttoned.
Spencer Pratt also has several casual looks that he wears when going out on the town or strolling down the street. One of this main casual looks is to wear long shorts with a button-up shirt or a t-shirt. He often wears long, gray or khaki shorts with a brightly-colored t-shirt or polo shirt. He has been seen in yellow, pink and blue polo shirts with his long shorts. To copy this look, wear shorts that come down to just below your knees. Pair the shorts with a festively-colored polo shirt and leave the shirt untucked. Wear this outfit with a pair of dark athletic shoes and you have Spencer Pratt’s casual look.

Another of his casual looks is to wear jeans with a t-shirt or a button-up shirt. He prefers stone-washed jeans that are a medium blue in color. He then wears a light-colored shirt or a shirt that is light colored with darker vertical stripes. To get this look, look for jeans that are stone washed or faded and pair them with a simple button-up shirt in any light color. Wear bright athletic shoes with the outfit to complete Spencer Pratt’s look.

When he is dressed casually, Spencer Pratt sometimes wears long necklaces with elaborate pendants. He wears these with both t-shirts and with button-up shirts. To get this look, choose either a long silver or gold chain. He wears both colors, but not together. Two gold chains or two silver chains are a part of his look. The chain should be long enough that it goes half way down your abdomen. Place a star-shaped or diamond-shaped pendant on the chain to get his look. Don’t wear a jacket over the necklaces, making sure that hey are fully visible to get his look.

In cold weather, Spencer Pratt wears long-sleeved hoodies over his t-shirts. He has often been seen wearing dark gray and black hooded sweatshirts that are left partially unzipped so that the shirt below shows through. Often, he goes about his business with the hood pulled over his head. This is an easy look to copy with the t-shirt and the long-sleeved hoodie of your choice. Pair the shirts with a pair of medium-blue jeans and a pair of bulky athletic shoes and you have a look that Spencer Pratt loves to wear in his down time.

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