Side knots

How To Make Side Knots On Shirts

Side knots

If you want to change the look of your shirts by creating side knots, you will be pleased to learn that it is very easy to do so. You may already have button-down shirts and T-shirts in your wardrobe that are just perfect for side knots. If not, you will need to invest in a certain type of shirt. Be sure to choose shirts that are not form fitting. If there is no slack in the clothes you will have nothing to tie, therefore loose fitting shirts are necessary. In addition, choose shirts that are longer than you would usually wear for ease of tying.

If you are looking to make only one side knot on a shirt, it is a simple and quick process. Take the end of the hem at the seam on the side you want the knot and pull it away from the body. Wind the taut fabric around your hand. Pull the end of the fabric through the center of the loop and release the hand used to make the loop. Pull the end of the fabric to tighten the knot. This is a great way to shorten a shirt that is too long for you, create a more fitted look or just change the look of a shirt in your wardrobe. When you are tired of the side knot, just untie it and either iron the shirt or wash it and start over.

Alternatively, if you are want to have side knots on both sides of a shirt at the same time, the procedure will take a little longer and the changes you make to the shirt are more permanent. Many people refer to this as T-shirt surgery or strategic cutting. To create 2 knots, you will need extra fabric, therefore the best way to do this by cutting open the side seams on your shirt. When you cut the shirt, it provides two strips which you can tie together in the traditional fashion, in order to create a unique look perfect for summer. If you opt to go with the 2 side knots and cut the T-shirt seam, you can reinforce your work by simply serging the cut portion of the shirt, so that it doesn’t unravel.

A shirt with side knots is a great versatile look. It is easy to create and allows people to express their individual taste by customizing their clothing in a way that fits them. For anyone who wears uniforms or group shirts, side knots are a popular way to give them a new fresh look. This is an extremely popular way to deal with T-shirts that are given away as freebies or for promotions. Quite often such tees are one-size-fits-all. To improve how they fit and create a look that is more unique, many people turn to side knots.

Get out those extra shirts that you have that are just too big and customize them with side knots. It is a great casual look that can be worn lots of places, as long as you don’t tie the side knot mid-chest.

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