Rate My Style, I Just Wear T-Shirts

Do you love t-shirts? Do you love them so much that you wear little or nothing else besides t-shirts? Just because you wear nothing but t-shirts, it doesn’t mean that you have poor style. If you know how to wear t-shirts well, can keep them in good condition and will get rid of your older, more worn t-shirts, you can have great style for far less than many other types of clothing would cost.

If you only wear t-shirts, it’s important to keep them in good condition. With a worn, old t-shirt, it’s easy to look sloppy and far too casual for many situations. Keep your t-shirts in good condition by washing them only as often as you need to and using pre-treating stain removers to get out the worst stains.

Keep white t-shirts looking great by occasionally washing them with bleach. This will keep them looking bright white instead of getting dingy over time. Using some baking soda in the wash can also help them to look their best and whitest. If you sweat a lot, consider wearing a t-shirt under your white t-shirt to keep the underarm’s from looking yellowed and stiff.

Most t-shirts will last a long time and through many washes. By taking good care for t-shirt, it can last 50, 60 washes or more. However, there comes a time when a t-shirt should be discarded and replaced with a brand-new one. If your entire wardrobe is t-shirts, it’s a good idea to occasionally look through your shirts and make sure that they are all in good, wearable condition. If they have holes in them that are noticeable, it’s best to get rid of the shirt. If you have t-shirts that are stained and you’ve tried in vain to get the stains out with no success, it’s best to get rid of those shirts as well.

Just because you wear t-shirts only, it doesn’t mean that you always look casual. It’s easy to dress up t-shirts with a fitted blazer and a nice pair of pants. A t-shirt, slacks and a pair of high heels or dress shoes look dressy as well as being comfortable. Make sure to coordinate the color of your t-shirt, pants, jacket and shoes. Even if the shirt is in good shape, it will not look its best if it is worn with clashing colors. Stick with an overall group of colors in your outfit. For instance, an outfit can have an earth-tone theme with a green t-shirt, brown pants and dark brown shoes. Or, you can have a citrus theme with a yellow t-shirt, an orange skirt and yellow flats.

If you take some care with the way you look and you take good care of your t-shirts, you can have impeccable style while wearing nothing but t-shirts every day. You can be the envy of your friends because you always look so well put together without having spent a fortune on your wardrobe. With a little work, your style can easily rate a 10.

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  1. AlanP

    Fine examples of public figures are:
    Paul Walker and on the top of my head – actors from The Unit (Scott Foley, Max Martini, Dennis Haysbert, Michael Irby) are all t-shirt guys.

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