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Why Do The Bottom Of My T-Shirts Keep Stretching Out

T-shirts are a great looking addition to any wardrobe. They come in so many different colors and styles that you can easily use them to your advantage in almost any outfit. You can dress them up or down and can get a lot of use from T-shirts. However, there are some people who are plagued with problems with their T-shirts. One of these problems is that the bottom of their T-shirts keep stretching out. While this seems like it might be a rather unusual problem for someone who has never experienced it, quite a few people consider it an issue.

Below are some of the reasons the bottom of your T-shirt might keep stretching out:

•    If you have wider than average hips, you may be pulling down the T-shirt to cover them, whether self-consciously or unconsciously. Constant pulling on your T-shirt and stretching it wider than it was meant to be will lead to the bottom of your T-shirt being stretched out.
•    If you have a nervous habit of pulling at the hem of your clothes or twisting it, the stress on the garment will inevitably lead to the T-shirt being stretched out at the bottom.
•    If you surf in your T-shirt or do any other activities in which your T-shirt will get wet, the bottom of the shirt will inevitably tend to stretch out because the T-shirt will hold the water and stay heavy at the bottom. .
•    If you happen to have a child who loves to hold tight to Mommy, you may find that the bottom of many of your T-shirts are getting very stretched out also from him or her pulling at them.
•    Certain fabric blends have very specific laundry instructions, like lay flat to dry. If you do not follow these instructions and hang your shirts to dry, you will find that the ends stretch out from the weight of the water.

Will My Breasts Stretch My T-Shirt?

The answer to this question is not as easy as a yes or no. Many people are worried that their T-shirts will be stretched out of shape by their breasts. Whether or not this will happen will depend on several different factors. The first factor is what fabric the T-shirt is made from. Cotton is a very stretchy, springy material that does tend to be stretched to fit the shape of the person wears it. If the T-shirt is made from cotton, there is a much higher chance that your breasts will stretch out your T-shirt.

However, whether or not this happens will further depend on how large your breasts are and what the size of the T-shirt is.  If you have very large breasts and wear form-fitting T-shirts, or T-shirts that are very tight, you have a very good chance of stretching your T-shirt with your breasts. But, this does not have to be a bad thing. When cotton stretches to accommodate the figure, it is stretching to conform to your body. This makes it accommodate you better and gives you an individual, customized fit that other fabrics can’t provide. The T-shirt may have an area that is stretched, but it is stretched just for you and the T-shirt will fit you very well once this has happened.

If your breasts are relatively small, you may not do much stretching of your T-shirts at all. Of course, if your T-shirts fit very tightly, you will stretch the T-shirt to some degree. If you wear your T-shirts a little bit looser, however, you don’t have much stretching to worry about. If you don’t want to stretch your T-shirts and have a history of doing so, simply choose a T-shirt that is one size larger than you would have otherwise bought for yourself.

Large, roomy T-shirts will give you a much smaller chance of them becoming stretched by your breasts. Even if your breasts are very large, you can keep from stretching your T-shirts by wearing loose sizes. Remember however that cotton can shrink slightly and that this should be taken into account before buying the t-shirt.

If you tend to stretch T-shirts even when you are wearing a larger size than you feel you need, the problem may be the bra you are wearing. It is important to wear a bra that will hold your breasts in place and keep them from moving independently from your body. This type of motion is often what causes the T-shirt stretching. Wearing a minimizing bra is also a way to keep from stretching a T-shirt. If you have large breasts, there are a number of brands that make minimizing bras that can take an inch or two from your bust line and create a sleeker silhouette. This means that you may not have to buy a larger size at all to keep from stretching out your T-shirt with your breasts. Or, if you do choose a larger size, you will have much less chance of stretching out that T-shirt.


Do Hangers Stretch Your T-Shirt?


Knowing whether or not hangers stretch your T-shirt is an important piece of information to know. It can change the way you store your clothing. It can also help you to get more use from clothes you already have. Knowing why certain clothing storage methods are advisable or not is useful to practically everyone.

How to properly store T-shirts so that they remain in the best possible shape with the fewest wrinkles is something many people want to know. Most people tend to belong to one camp or the other, in regards to storage. They either swear by folding T-shirts and laying them flat or they swear that hanging T-shirt is the only way to have them looking great when you want to wear them. One thing often heard, especially from those who fold their tees is that hangers will stretch your T-shirts. This is partially true and partially false.

T-shirt cotton is slightly stretchy, but not too much so. Therefore the length of time you hang the T-shirts will make a huge impact on whether or not the tee stretches. For T-shirts that you wear often, hangers will definitely not stretch them. They will be hung for relatively short periods of time, therefore they will not have time to stretch. For T-shirts you wear infrequently or ones which are seasonal, you may want to store them flat during their off-season. Hanging for long periods of time will cause slight stretching, shoulder dents from hangers and even a tell-tale collection of dust on the shoulders following the outline of the hanger.

Another thing to keep in mind when hanging T-shirts is to refrain from hanging wet T-shirts. The additional weight of the water in the material will encourage stretching. T-shirts should be dried in the dryer and then hung if that is your chosen method of storing your tees. If you happen to choose to hang your T-shirts to dry, be sure the water is spun out well, so there is no excess weight in the material to cause stretching. You can also hang your clothes to dry, until they are just a little damp. Then put them in the dryer to finish drying them and so that they keeps their shape.

You may also want to consider changing the type of hanger that you use. A padded hanger will work best to keep from stretching your shirt. A wire hanger will do the most damage. Plastic and wooden hangers are somewhere in between, but look for wide ones.

If you have left some of your favorite T-shirts hanging around for too long and they have stretched to a point where washing and drying won’t fix them, it is time for a new shirt. You can have a favorite T-shirt perfectly recreated by having it custom-made. You get to choose the color, style, weight, quality and design, so your favorite tee is back and looking better than ever. When your new T-shirts arrive, make sure you use these common sense T-shirt storage tips to make sure you don’t suffer the same result again.

Get your custom-made T-shirt today for the most efficient way to deal with T-shirts that have been stretched out by hangers.

How to Avoid Stretching Your T-Shirt

How do you find that perfect fit? You know a t-shirt that flatters your body in all the right places and just makes you more confident when you’re wearing it. Finding the perfect fit can be difficult and may take many hours of trying on one t-shirt after another until, by what you may believe is a miracle, you find it! Now that you’ve found your perfect fitting shirt, you have a new problem, how to keep it fitting just like the day you bought it. We’ve all had the experience of buying a clothing item that fits perfectly the first time you wear it. But after you wash it once, it’s never the same again. So what are you to do? How do you avoid stretching your perfect fitting t-shirt?

Proper clothing care is the first step in preventing stretching and hopefully preserving your perfect fit. As much as you may want to avoid it, you do eventually have to wash your perfect fitting t-shirt. When you take the plunge, wash it in cool water in your washing machine. Then either hang it to dry or tumble dry it on low in your dryer. So you can avoid hauling out the iron and ironing board, you may want use the dryer. However, make sure that you frequently check your shirt during the drying process. If you’re not careful, the evil twin of stretching, which is shrinking, may occur. Using these steps is the best offense for keeping your t-shirt from stretching by maintaining, as closely as possible, the clothing fibers in the same position as when you bought the t-shirt.

A perfect fitting t-shirt is one that hugs your body. For women, this style helps show off the curves of her silhouette. For men, it clings ever so slightly in the chest and arms to show off all the work he’s done at the gym on his pecs and biceps. Your t-shirt does just that and is perfect for you. When friends and family see how good your t-shirt looks on you, they may ask to borrow it or even just try it on. Beware! If you want to avoid stretching, you need to refrain from being your usual kind self. This shirt is a one of a kind work of art just for your body. All those hours spent shopping could be undone by a few extra pounds or the slightly different body shape of your friend or family member. If they suggest your t-shirt it can be shrunk if it is stretched out, don’t become weak and give into their request. Going down that road can open you up to a repeating cycle of shrinking and stretching as you try to get those clothing fibers back to that perfect position.

Finally, it is also important to carefully consider any layering you do with your t-shirt. Depending upon how closely the shirt hugs your body, even another thin t-shirt underneath could stretch it.

Although with a little care and extra work, you can keep your t-shirt from stretching, it is smart to always be on the lookout for another perfect fitting t-shirt. Owning a few of them can keep you from freaking out should stretching accidently happen just before an important date.

How to Prevent the Neck of Your T-Shirt from Stretching

There are many t-shirts that end up looking a little loose around the collar. When the neck of a t-shirt gets stretched out too far, it can make it a little less comfortable. It also makes it look wrinkled and a little worn out. There are several things that people do to stretch out the collar of their t-shirts. By avoiding those pitfalls, you can avoid the over-stretched collar look.

One of the ways that t-shirt necks get stretched is by changing the shape of the shirt. This can happen when the shirt is wet. One of the most important ways to avoid stretching out the neck is to never put on a t-shirt while it is wet. Even if the shirt is only damp, putting it on will stretch the neck a little. Dry a t-shirt until there is no moisture left in it before putting it on.

Unfortunately, there is the possibility of a t-shirt getting wet while it is being worn. If something is spilled around the neck area, or if sweat or rain causes the shirt to become wet, allow the shirt to dry out before taking it off. You can stand in front of a fan to make this go quicker, or you might sit in the sun.

When a t-shirt is wet, also avoid hanging it on a hanger. This can make the neck of the shirt stretch in both directions as the weight of the water in the shirt stretches it downward on the hanger. If you want to hang it up to dry, fold the t-shirt over the bottom of the hanger. Or, simply lay the shirt flat to dry instead of hanging it up. This will actually keep the shirt’s shape all over- not just at the neck.

To further protect a t-shirt from being stretched at the neck, avoid using hangers. Stretching the neck of a dry t-shirt over a hanger may not change the shape of it right away, but after it has been hung up many times, the neck will be stretched to some degree. T-shirts can be folded and put into a drawer for the best results. This will keep the neck area flat and keep it from being tugged down by gravity. Some people worry about their folded shirts developing wrinkles. But, cotton is a very soft fabric. This makes t-shirts are unlikely to wrinkle, even if they are folded. If a t-shirt does develop a wrinkle or two, simply put it into the dryer for a minute or two to smooth them out.

Another way to keep the shape of the neck is to be careful when putting it on. Some people get into the habit of stretching a shirt with their hands before they put it on. Others let the shirt linger too long on the head while it is being put on. Both of these habits may be unconscious, so being aware of the way the shirt is being put on is the key.

How to Stretch Your T-Shirt

We’ve all got that one t-shirt that would fit perfectly if we could just stretch it out a bit. Chances are, your t-shirt fell victim to one of the most common culprits, the washer and dryer. Or, maybe you bought it a little too small because the t-shirt was unique or too good a deal to pass up but the store did not have quite your size. Whatever the reason for your ill fitting t-shirt, it’s time to stop looking in your closet, pulling out the t-shirt, and putting it back. Stretch that baby and give it some wear time!

There are a couple methods for stretching a t-shirt that can be used when either the garment is wet or dry. The first one involves simply trying to stretch the t-shirt by pulling on it. While most people may try just tugging on the shirt in its poorly fitted places when it’s dry and on their body, this method isn’t usually successful. In fact, if your t-shirt has graphics on it, it may distort them and give away your attempt to stretch your t-shirt. Stretching a t-shirt while it is wet is most successful.

The first step after wetting the shirt is to lay it on a flat surface and start pulling gently on the fabric in the areas that you need to stretch out. You should pull lengthwise and crosswise during your stretching process. After you’ve stretched out the wet shirt, hang it to dry. A second tactic to use while the t-shirt is wet is to stretch it with an iron. The heat setting of the iron should be on a low to medium. Gently run the iron over the problem area pushing out the fabric lengthwise and crosswise. As with hand stretching, hang the t-shirt to air dry. A final method that can be attempted is to use your iron on a dry shirt using the same technique as above. This method however is likely to only be successful in situations where limited stretching is needed.

Having a larger sized family member or friend put on your shirt and wear it may sound like another option for stretching out your t-shirt. However, you’d better think carefully before you choose someone to help you out with this! If the size differential between you and your friend or family member is too great, you’ll ruin your shirt. However, if the differential is not great enough, you may get little or no stretching. Therefore, depending on how much the shirt needs to be stretched and if you have the right individual to utilize for the process, this idea may work. However, you may undo all your stretching work when you wash the t-shirt prior to wearing it yourself.

Are you ready to take on stretching that t-shirt and make it fit properly? Then drag it out of the closet and figure out just how much stretching you’ll need to do to achieve the fit you’re after. Just remember – the stretching techniques used for wet shirts work best for t-shirts that need a whole lot of stretching. Finally, remember each time you wash your t-shirt you might need to repeat the whole process to get that perfect fit again. Happy stretching!