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Rate My Style, I Just Wear T-Shirts

Do you love t-shirts? Do you love them so much that you wear little or nothing else besides t-shirts? Just because you wear nothing but t-shirts, it doesn’t mean that you have poor style. If you know how to wear t-shirts well, can keep them in good condition and will get rid of your older, more worn t-shirts, you can have great style for far less than many other types of clothing would cost.

If you only wear t-shirts, it’s important to keep them in good condition. With a worn, old t-shirt, it’s easy to look sloppy and far too casual for many situations. Keep your t-shirts in good condition by washing them only as often as you need to and using pre-treating stain removers to get out the worst stains.

Keep white t-shirts looking great by occasionally washing them with bleach. This will keep them looking bright white instead of getting dingy over time. Using some baking soda in the wash can also help them to look their best and whitest. If you sweat a lot, consider wearing a t-shirt under your white t-shirt to keep the underarm’s from looking yellowed and stiff.

Most t-shirts will last a long time and through many washes. By taking good care for t-shirt, it can last 50, 60 washes or more. However, there comes a time when a t-shirt should be discarded and replaced with a brand-new one. If your entire wardrobe is t-shirts, it’s a good idea to occasionally look through your shirts and make sure that they are all in good, wearable condition. If they have holes in them that are noticeable, it’s best to get rid of the shirt. If you have t-shirts that are stained and you’ve tried in vain to get the stains out with no success, it’s best to get rid of those shirts as well.

Just because you wear t-shirts only, it doesn’t mean that you always look casual. It’s easy to dress up t-shirts with a fitted blazer and a nice pair of pants. A t-shirt, slacks and a pair of high heels or dress shoes look dressy as well as being comfortable. Make sure to coordinate the color of your t-shirt, pants, jacket and shoes. Even if the shirt is in good shape, it will not look its best if it is worn with clashing colors. Stick with an overall group of colors in your outfit. For instance, an outfit can have an earth-tone theme with a green t-shirt, brown pants and dark brown shoes. Or, you can have a citrus theme with a yellow t-shirt, an orange skirt and yellow flats.

If you take some care with the way you look and you take good care of your t-shirts, you can have impeccable style while wearing nothing but t-shirts every day. You can be the envy of your friends because you always look so well put together without having spent a fortune on your wardrobe. With a little work, your style can easily rate a 10.


How To Organize Your T-Shirt Wardrobe


Organizing your T-shirt wardrobe is the easiest and quickest way to be able to put together a great look in no time flat. There are a variety of ways to efficiently organize your T-shirt collection and no one way is right or wrong. It is important however to organize them in a way that works for you to get maximum enjoyment and maximum wear from all your T-shirts. You simply need to choose the way that best fits your style and sense of organization and you’ll be on your way to simplifying the process of getting dressed time each day.

An obvious and very useful way to organize your T-shirts is to group them by color. By doing so you know exactly where to look for a particular T-shirt, and will be sure to find it quickly and easily. You can even organize them according to the range of colors, and have all pastels, darks, brights and whites each together in their own space.

You can also organize your T-shirt wardrobe in terms of the style of T-shirts you own. You may want to group T-shirts by whether they are dressy, everyday wear or old favorites. It will make it much easier when it comes to putting together an outfit for work, going shopping or if you’re just cleaning the house.

Some people swear by hanging T-shirts, while others prefer folding T-shirts and grouping them in piles. There are several things to remember when doing it either way. If you choose to hang T-shirts, be sure there is plenty of space in the closet or your shirts will wrinkle. If you have shirts that you wear very infrequently, like ones for specific holidays, you may want to take them out of the closet and store them folded. This will give you more closet space and prevent hanger bumps in the shoulders of your T-shirts.

If you prefer to fold T-shirts and store them flat in piles, it is important to do so neatly. If you carefully fold the T-shirts when they are fresh from the dryer or immediately after ironing, they will remain looking good. Another suggestion is to fold T-shirts following the same method retailers use. Lay the shirt face side down and fold sleeves inward from mid-shoulder. Then fold the shirt in half once. By doing it this way, you minimize wrinkling, make T-shirts easy to stack and the design on the front will be easily visible when you are searching through piles of shirts to find the right tee for your needs.

Organizing your T-shirt wardrobe seems like a lot of work, but it is really very simple and will save you a lot of time in the long run. By doing it this way, you will also be able to quickly see at a glance which color T-shirts you may need to buy and if you are running low on T-shirts for work or for everyday.  You can even recreate old favorites by ordering custom-made T-shirts in any design you choose.