What to Wear in Thailand


When planning your trip to Thailand you will want to know what to pack. There are no hard and fast rules in Thailand when it comes to fashion and the clothes that you will wear will greatly be impacted by the time of year you go and what you plan on doing while in Thailand.

These tips will help you be better prepared for your Thailand visit:

•    Watch the weather: During the rainy season you will want to have plenty of lightweight cotton garments with you. These will dry faster and will tend to fight off the extra humidity that comes with the rainy weather. You can also wear sandals instead of shoes as they will not get as waterlogged as shoes tend to. Just be aware that if you do, sandals are not the proper attire for some venues such as in a temple.
•    Temples and palaces: These are places of great importance to the people of Thailand and you should do your best to respect that. Most temples and palaces will ban tank tops and shorts especially on women but you should just avoid the entire conflict and dress up a bit when visiting such places.
•    T-Shirts: It seems that a lot of tourists like to wear t-shirts while in Thailand and this is totally acceptable. However, for an adult Thai it is not acceptable so if you are attempting to dress more like the culture you are visiting then you will want to opt for a more traditional pull-over shirt that sports a collar. This will have you leaving a much better impression on the locals.
•    Shorts and pants: This all dependent on what you are doing. If you are going to visit a temple then you will want to opt for pants. If however you are going to go side walk shopping at any one of the numerous boutique shops that Thailand has to offer than you can certainly get away with a nice pair of shorts.
•    Pack plenty: While Thailand tends to be hot and really hot you will want to bring plenty of clothing. The reason is simple; you will sweat like crazy in Thailand. Thailand has a very high humidity, especially in the rainy months, and you should plan on taking at least three showers a day while there. Because of all the sweating you will be doing you will want to have plenty of clothes with you so that you can always be assured a clean change of clothes is at hand.
•    Dinner wear: Short sleeved shirts are acceptable in most dinning situations but again to be more authentic to the culture you should wear the pull over type with a collar.
•    Night time: Thailand is filled with many different hot spots for those of you that like to get out and party. While the nightlife in Thailand can be hot, the night time weather tends to be a bit cool. Be sure that you have on a nice pair of pants and a lightweight jacket so that you will be nice and warm while out and about.

Of course you can always pack with extra room in your suitcase and a little extra money in your pocket. This will allow you to pick up some local fashion while there and bring them back with you with no problem.

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