What to Wear Snowboarding


Snowboarders tend to be on the edge a bit more as opposed to skiers. That said a good number of these people will actually wear what they think looks cool and not pay attention to what they actually need to wear. If your last trip snowboarding was filled with cold and wetness then you probably didn’t dress right for it.

A lot of people will just throw on a pair of jeans and a ski jacket and then hit the slopes. These same people will generally be at the lodge trying to warm up in just a matter of hours if they even last that long. Here are the essential steps to what you need to wear the next time you go snowboarding:

•    Thermal underwear: Granted these are about the most ridiculous looking things in the world, but they work well at what they do. Thermal underwear wicks away moisture and doesn’t allow that moisture to get to your skin. That means you stay dry. They are a great item to have on and what’s more, they won’t show up with all the other clothing you are going to wear over top of it.
•    Sweaters and pants: Go with a cool looking pull over sweater that is made of wool for maximum warmth. When you go for pants, leave the jeans at home. Denim will absorb moisture and defeat the purpose of you trying to stay dry. A good alternative is a pair of wool pants that will keep you ultra warm and will also help to keep moisture away.
•    Ski pants and ski jacket: Go for a thick and warm layer here and protect yourself from moisture as well by choosing a nice thick pair of ski pants and a ski jacket. There are plenty of these that allow for great mobility and maximum warmth so don’t skip this step because you think your tricks will suffer.
•    Hats and helmets: Both will keep your head warm but only a helmet will save your life. While they may not be the coolest piece of clothing there is, how cool is it if you are dead because you didn’t wear one?
•    Goggles: Your eyes can get dried out rather easily when you are rushing down the sloped or cutting up the half pipe. Keep them from drying out by wearing a pair of ski goggles.
•    Gloves: If the rest of your body is warm and your hands are cold you will know it. Frost bitten hands are no fun and can end your snowboarding fun in a hurry. A good pair of ski gloves will keep your hands dry and warm and have you on the slopes longer.
•    Scarf: A good way to keep your neck warm and also your face if you want to is by wearing a scarf. This can be a great accessory and is there if you need it.

Looking cool is fine but if you don’t dress the right way when you go snowboarding you will spend more time in the lodge trying to warm up than you will on the slopes enjoying your fun an friends.

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