What to Wear with a Cardigan


Cardigan sweaters make for a classic look and are now making their way into the styles and fashions of today. Because there are a number of different styles of cardigans that means there are a number of different ways that you can go about dressing up your cardigans. This will of course depend on how dressy you want to come off and what the occasion calls for.

Though it may not seem like it, cardigans can be paired with almost anything that is in your closet and worked into a nice chic look for you. Here are some examples of how you too can wear your cardigans in ways you may have never thought possible:

•    With a dress: You can start off with a longer dress that has dark colors and a wild pattern. Take your button up cardigan and wear it over top but leave it unbuttoned. Tie in the entire outfit with a skinny belt that is a loud color such as gold. If the cardigan is dark you can wear dark colored stockings and finish off the look with a classic pair of black heels.
•    With work clothes: You can use a classic cardigan as a perfect substitute for a blazer. This will go perfect with a gray colored skirt, a white blouse that is frilly towards the top and a pair of black pumps. You can get a black cardigan for this look or even get a little risky and go with a dark purple. This look also works with gray dress pants in substitution of the skirt.
•    With jeans: If you can pull of a pair of skinny jeans then you can pair them with a long sleeved t-shirt and top it with a chunky, sleeveless cardigan. This looks even better with a pair of tall boots or a ballet flap. Be sure that the chunky cardigan that you wear with your skinny jeans is a longer type as this will help with the elongated look.
•    Classy look: So you think that you can’t wear a cardigan to get dressy huh? Well think again because you can get a very classy looking sequin cardigan and wear it with full metallic colored skirt and you will look good enough to go just about anywhere. You can finish off the look with some matching open-toe heels and bigger and flashier earrings.
•    Accessories: No matter what type of cardigan you are going with you can accessorize really as you see fit. Of course if you are wearing a long sleeved cardigan then there will be no need for you to wear bracelets but anything else will typically go. Do some experimenting and mix and match accessories such as scarves to see what will look the best with the cardigans you wear.

Cardigans have certainly come a long way and are now in the mainstream of fashion. By using your imagination and ingenuity you too can look good no matter what kind of cardigan you wear.

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