What Your T-Shirt Says about You…

They say you can tell a lot about a person by their clothes. You probably couldn’t guess their middle name or their social security number just by assessing their outfit. And the messages might not be obvious. You won’t find yourself walking through the mall and suddenly struck by the attire of a by-passer and think, “Whoa! That guy is really into scuba diving!” or “that lady likes lots of cream and a little bit of sugar in her coffee!” However, with some careful scrutiny, you can tell more about a person through their clothing than you think.

For example, you might be able to find out what sports they like or maybe even their favorite teams. Some people like to wear shirts that say their favorite music groups. You can certainly discern what colors a person likes by checking out their closet. So if you see someone out wearing a red shirt, odds are they like the color red. I certainly hope so. What kind of sick person would voluntarily wear a color they hate?

Most clothing messages, however, are not so clear. For example, if you see a nice young lady wearing pearls and high heels, it would be a stretch to assume that she likes to watch wrestling matches. Or, if you meet a gentleman wearing chaps, spurs and a cowboy hat, you would have a difficult time convincing someone that his favorite pastime is performing in Shakespeare plays. Even though these assumptions are likely to be accurate, they are, nevertheless, merely assumptions. Maybe the cowboy really is an accomplished thespian? It’s possible.

You’re probably wondering, what does my shirt say about me? What do people assume about me when they look at my shirt? Does it express who I really am or am I sending mixed messages to the world? I say, don’t take a chance. Spell it out for them. Get yourself a wardrobe full of shirts that tells the world exactly who you are and what you want them to know about you. Hundreds of people could be out there thinking that you probably hate kung-fu movies, when in reality, you love them! You could be coming home every night and enjoying a classic martial arts film and the world would never know because your shirt fails to express who you really are.

Put it out there. Get yourself a personally designed shirt that shares who you are. The sky’s the limit. You can get a shirt printed with “Climbing Rocks!” if that’s your favorite weekend activity. Or it might say “Foodies Unite!” if cooking’s your thing. Perhaps you’re a more reserved personality and that’s exactly what you’d like your shirt to say about you. If that’s the case, maybe you design a shirt made to say that you’re just down right cool and stylin’. At the end of the day, don’t set back and let your clothes send the wrong message when you have the power to make them say exactly what you want!

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