Bachelor Party – Celebrate with a Custom T-Shirt

Get customized t-shirts for the bachelor party. All the guys can go out in style with no mistaking about what you’re celebrating. With everyone wearing their colors, there is sure to be plenty of attention from bartenders and the ladies!

Craft a custom t-shirt to remember the bachelor party. When you shop online you’ll find plenty of catchy slogans.

  • ”Last fling before the ring.”
  • ”Buy me a shot, before I tie the knot.” Greg Gordon scored free drinks for he and his buddies all night at a New York City bar with this one.
  • And, there’s plenty for the groom’s buddies.
  • “Grooms wingman”
  • ”Best man on so many levels”

Your choice. You can embarrass your groom or stir up some free drinks and other “last night out” freebies with a shirt like this: “Bachelor: last day single. 1. Give me a hug 2. Buy me a shot 3. Spank Me 4. Give me a kiss. 5. All of the above.”

You can also create your own just for your group of friends. Got a favorite team? Show? Or phrase you guys made up on the baseball field in 10th grade? Then design your own shirt. Put a picture of your bachelor on the back. Customize each shirt with nicknames and your party location. Try something like this. The back has a black and white picture of Ken with a martini. It says, “Ken’s Big Gamble. Vegas 2007.” On the front, each guy has his nickname embroidered. Or, get baseball jerseys that say “Team Smith” across the back shoulders, if you’re starting your party at the game.

It’s becoming more and more popular to organize your party with a website, if your group of friends is spread out around the country. If you’ve got a website, be sure to put it on the shirts. That way other party goers will know where to go to look for uploaded party pictures.

With online resources, it only takes a few minutes to put together your bachelor party t-shirt designs. Choose from all styles like popular retro and vintage shirts or sports style shirts and even the ever-popular bowling stripes. You pick the artwork, graphics or photos then add text and names. Pick colors and styles. You can actually see a mock-up of the shirt while you design it. That makes it simple to see what you like and make changes before you order the shirts. And, there’s real live people to call if you need help getting a design together. Typically you’ll find quick turnaround in case you order at the last minute.

The t-shirts are great for marking your group on your big night out. They are also great memories. When Danny Conlon’s buddies took him out the weekend before his wedding, they chose their favorite college bar along the shore. The shirts had a sketch of Danny with a beer mug. It said, “Danny’s Done! Fitzgeralds Bar. September 9th.” The guys bought enough shirts so all the bartenders could wear one too. They took a photo of everyone in their Bachelor Party t-shirts and now it hangs above the bar.
When you’re making plans for his last night out, don’t forget to order your customized t-shirts and make a night of laughs and memories to last a lifetime.

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