Top 10 Bachelor Party T-Shirt Ideas

Bachelor parties are a rite of passage that make many brides-to-be quite nervous and they probably should be. In the United States bachelor parties are also know as stag party. In the UK, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand bachelor parties are know as stag night. In Australia they call it buck’s party.

Bachelor parties are thought to have started in ancient Sparta (5th century BC) where soldiers would have dinner together and toast each other on the eve of the wedding. Well, as we all know bachelor parties have gone way past just dinner and a toast. Many times bachelor parties include drinking, gambling, smoking and strippers. There is also a fair bit of hazing of the groom during these nights to help him celebrate in what is to be thought of his last night of freedom before he is tied to a relationship for the rest of his life.

Bachelor parties can be anywhere but have grown in fanciness and expense. Many folks have thier bachelor parties in Las Vegas, South Beach Miami, or even Mexico.

One way to make your bachelor party even more memorable (if you want to remember) is with t-shirts for the groom or for everyone attending the party. The shirts attract attention which is a fun thing to do on a bachelor party.

We have a list of the top 10 bachelor party slogans for t-shirts.

1. Buy me a beer my wedding is near (who doesn’t like free booze?)
2. “Name’s” Last Night of Freedom (depends on your definition of marriage I guess)
3. “Name’s” Entourage (for everyong besides the groom)
4. Stripper Parking (across chest)
5. Game Over (phrase with image of bride and groom)
6. Buy me a beer the end is near (for the pessimist)
7. Bachelor Party Support Crew (for the grooms friends)
8. Bachelor Party Drinking Team (because you all like to drink)
9. End of an Era (oh yes it is)
10. Bachelor (simple enough to get the message across)

Do you have any other ideas for bachelor party t-shirts, if so we would love to hear them. Feel free to leave your ideas as a comment on this post.

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