Spice Up Your Bachelorette Party with Customized T-Shirts

Make customized t-shirts for the bride and all the bridesmaids! Online you’ll find a treasure trove of ideas.

“Brides night out: Please spank me.”
“Warning: Bachelorette party in progress. Bridal party may be extremely hot.”
“Buy me a shot, I’m tying the knot”

With custom-made t-shirts, everyone will notice the ladies in the bridal party! Count on extra attention from bartenders and drink buyers.

Raise cash for your bride’s drinks with a “Buck a Suck” t-shirt and add your own lollipops. Or, perhaps, “We’re naughty and nice.” And, don’t forget shirts for the bridesmaids, friends and family. Try some of these ideas.

“I’m with the party. Buy me a drink, but don’t expect anything.”
“Bride’s support staff.”
“Bridesmaid. Noun meaning Still Single.”

Make your shirts something to really remember the event with. Customize them with your bride’s picture. Add the date and location like “Michelle’s Bachelorette Party. Liv’s Lounge 2007.”

Does your group of girls have a favorite show or song? How about a phrase you’ve been saying since 11th grade? Still pining for members of Duran Duran? Use it on your shirt.

Try these ideas:
On the front: “Smack it up, flip it, rub it down.” On the back: “Do Me Baby. Laura’s Bachelorette Party. West Palm 2008.”

Use a photo of Rick Springfield from his heyday with “I’m saving myself for Rick Springfield. Barb’s Bach Party. Fisherman’s Warf.” You won’t believe how many drinks you’ll get from guys claiming to be the 80s pop star!

Get “I’m not a nun” plastered across the back of your bride’s shirt in the colors of your Catholic High School’s plaid.

It’s easy to do online, party organizers. Pick a classy tank top or baby doll tee. Pick from hot styles and colors so your bride looks her best. Find one with lace to go with the cheesy veil you’ve all bought for the night.

Then, select artwork that’s pre-designed online or add your own. Maybe a picture of your bride or all the girls from Spring Break. Or your high school or sorority logo. Then, choose fun text. Pick from ideas already online. Or, create your own slogans like “Laura’s Last Night. Vegas 2007.” and “Angie’s No Angel. NYC Bachelorette Party 2007.” Individualize each shirt with bridesmaids’ names.

Be sure to make your shirts a memory and get pictures of the whole party wearing them. Order extra shirts in bigger sizes to give out during your night of partying and for family and friends who couldn’t make it.

A few years from now when you have a girl’s weekend away, you can get the pictures out along with those of all your kids. MaryBeth Durgins friends took her to Atlantic City for a bachelorette party weekend. They stayed at her feisty grandmother’s nearby condo. The girls’ t-shirts said, “Girl’s Night Out. AC 2007.” They had a picture of MaryBeth with a margarita. They made 75 year old Gram her own special shirt. It said, “Gram’s Night Out. Experience Required” and had a picture of her with MaryBeth on the back. It was a huge hit! Now there’s a picture of the whole gang hanging over Gram’s fireplace.
Don’t miss this chance to give your bride a night she’ll remember with her own special t-shirt.

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