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Top 10 Bachelor Party T-Shirt Ideas

Bachelor parties are a rite of passage that make many brides-to-be quite nervous and they probably should be. In the United States bachelor parties are also know as stag party. In the UK, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand bachelor parties are know as stag night. In Australia they call it buck’s party.

Bachelor parties are thought to have started in ancient Sparta (5th century BC) where soldiers would have dinner together and toast each other on the eve of the wedding. Well, as we all know bachelor parties have gone way past just dinner and a toast. Many times bachelor parties include drinking, gambling, smoking and strippers. There is also a fair bit of hazing of the groom during these nights to help him celebrate in what is to be thought of his last night of freedom before he is tied to a relationship for the rest of his life.

Bachelor parties can be anywhere but have grown in fanciness and expense. Many folks have thier bachelor parties in Las Vegas, South Beach Miami, or even Mexico.

One way to make your bachelor party even more memorable (if you want to remember) is with t-shirts for the groom or for everyone attending the party. The shirts attract attention which is a fun thing to do on a bachelor party.

We have a list of the top 10 bachelor party slogans for t-shirts.

1. Buy me a beer my wedding is near (who doesn’t like free booze?)
2. “Name’s” Last Night of Freedom (depends on your definition of marriage I guess)
3. “Name’s” Entourage (for everyong besides the groom)
4. Stripper Parking (across chest)
5. Game Over (phrase with image of bride and groom)
6. Buy me a beer the end is near (for the pessimist)
7. Bachelor Party Support Crew (for the grooms friends)
8. Bachelor Party Drinking Team (because you all like to drink)
9. End of an Era (oh yes it is)
10. Bachelor (simple enough to get the message across)

Do you have any other ideas for bachelor party t-shirts, if so we would love to hear them. Feel free to leave your ideas as a comment on this post.

Top 10 Bachelorette Party T-Shirt Ideas

Let’s face it, bachelorette parties are fun and a great opportunity to go out with your friends and have a few drinks and get a little wild. It is a rite of passage that is done by most women sometime before they get married. In the U.S. we just refer to it as a bachelorette party but in in the UK, Ireland and Australia it is commonly called “hen party” or “hens night”. In Canada bachelorette parties are commonly called “stagette”.

Whether you are having your bachelorette party at home, at a local bar or in Las Vegas when you get a big group of girls together it is a great idea to create personalized bachelorette party t-shirts. It is really easy to create a t-shirt that is the same for everyone OR you can create custom t-shirts for each attendee. Here are a few fun ideas for bachelorette party t-shirts:

1. Bride-to-be (simple, classic and reserved)
2. Buy me a shot I’m tying the knot (why not get some free booze on your last big party before you get married)
3. One last fling before the ring (It’s true! have a fun night)
4. “Name’s” Bachelorette Party (great for a big group to keep track of everyone)
5. Bachelorette Party in Progress (great way to show off the big group of girls are having a party)
6. Future “Mrs. Lastname” (personalized wedding t-shirts are fun)
7. Taken (simple and classic phrase to be put on a t-shirt)
8. “Names” last single night on the town (a bit more bold of a statement might make for a fun night)
9. You’re too late, I just got engaged (Rub it in the face of all those men)
10. Team Bride 2008
(Bachelorette parties are nothing without your team of women friends)

Do you have any other ideas for bachelorette party t-shirts, if so we would love to hear them. Feel free to leave your ideas as a comment on this post.

Ideas for Creating Custom Wedding T-Shirts

However you slice it, your wedding is one of the most important events of your life. It’s the day when you, along with your family and friends, celebrate your commitment to the future with the one you love. With all the planning and coordinating of food, flowers, and guests, plus the impending big-time vows, the wedding day and the weeks leading up to it can become pretty stressful. It’s important to infuse the experience with fun, light-hearted, celebratory things to keep you focused on what’s important: happiness and hope.

What better way to mark the occasion of your wedding (and of all the occasions surrounding it) than with some hilarious custom t-shirts? By giving these personalized t-shirts as gifts, either to the bride and groom, to the wedding party, or to the entire family, you can lighten up your wedding preparation and add some humor and fun to the actual day.

For starters, you can design t-shirts for pre-wedding events like bachelor and bachelorette parties, either for the guests or for the future bride and groom. If you are throwing the party, you can surprise the guest of honor (bride or groom to be) with a t-shirt declaring her “Soon To Be Mrs. Last name,” or “Future Mrs. Last name.” If you are the bride-to-be, you can have t-shirts made for your bridesmaids with their names on the back, like with sports jerseys, and “Bride’s Best Friend,” or “Bridesmaid” on the front. These t-shirts will give your bridesmaids a laugh, and will also give them an easy go-to garment for the days leading up to the wedding. The t-shirts will also make great souvenirs, to be worn as pajamas or casual clothes in the future.

You can also create t-shirts for the entire family, or for the entire bridal party. Creating a t-shirt for your wedding will give everyone something to take home to remember the day by. Custom t-shirts are much more affordable than, say, diamond necklaces for your bridesmaids, or watches for your groomsmen. And a t-shirt—unlike a fan or a tiny picture frame, or other common wedding favors—is something your guests can use again and again. You can also personalize the t-shirts with special titles for mom and dad (“Mother/Father of the Bride,” “Next Stop: Grandma/pa,” or “I Paid $$$ For This Wedding and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt), sister and brother (“Sister/Brother of the Bride,” “Best Man/Maid of Honor”), and little ones (“Flower Girl,” “Ring Bearer,” “First Wedding”).

Post-wedding t-shirts are also a fun idea. You can get t-shirts made for the bride and groom to wear to the airport, “Bride and Groom on Honeymoon,” or “Just Married.” They will certainly get plenty of congratulations, and maybe even some special treatment, once people notice they are making their first trip as husband and wife.

Every wedding is different and special. Regardless of your particular wedding plans, consider custom t-shirts as a creative and personal addition to your special day. Whether you are sending off the bride and groom, or honoring your special wedding guests, your wedding party, and your family, custom t-shirts will certainly spice up the occasion and help make it day no one ever forgets.

Get Engaged and Show the World with a T-Shirt

Being engaged is often one of the happiest times in a person’s life. You have found some one that you dearly love, someone that complements you better than any one else in the world. And to top it all off, that person feels the same way about you. You decide that you have reached the point in your relationship when it’s only natural that you should head to the chapel. Once you’ve picked the date, a whirlwind of events ensues.

One of the things that characterizes the engagement period quite a bit is the process of planning the wedding. In fact, most people equate wedding planning and engagement in their minds. This is probably due to the fact that the moment the bride slips that ring on her finger, she begins imagining her perfect day. The perfect church or garden to host the big event is usually first on the menu. Choosing a design for the cake and a great baker to do the job follows shortly thereafter. Deciding what colors and flowers she likes can be a perplexing ordeal. Oh, and let’s not forget the dress. The search for the perfect dress is no small task in the wedding planning process.

With all of this decision making and logistical planning, the bride is likely to get a little drained and overwhelmed before too long. Creating her dream wedding is exciting. For many brides, however, planning a wedding can be a full time job! You don’t often see the groom fretting over his dream tux. Finding the perfect tux is usually a one stop shopping experience for the groom and his wedding party. Grooms that aren’t feeling the heat during their upcoming nuptials due to all the planning need to show their brides-to-be how much they appreciate all their hard work.

If you’re approaching your wedding day, you’ve probably bought your bride-to-be more than one gift. We know at least one of those gifts involved a very special piece of jewelry. But this “thanks for planning our wedding” gift needs to be a one of a kind. Show her you care with an originally designed t-shirt just for her. A shirt can communicate whatever you feel to your fiancée. This is an opportunity to her how you feel about her in a way that she can wear over and over again. There is no doubt that she’ll be impressed by your thoughtfulness and originality.

Now if you really want to give her a gift, have one made for yourself as well. Maybe choose a phrase to print on your original shirt that tells her how excited you are to be her husband and that she’s your one and only. What bride wouldn’t love a shirt that says “I love my wife” in her husband’s closet. Wear your love and devotion on your very sleeve, literally. Diamonds are a girls best friend, but a uniquely printed shirt designed by her new hubby will put a lasting smile on your bride-to-be’s face.

Top 10 Bridesmaid T-Shirt Ideas for your Wedding

So you are a bridesmaid in your friend or family members wedding and you want to show your support of the Bride-to-be. What better way to show your support of the bride than with a t-shirt. You can design your own bridesmaid t-shirt for the bachelorette party, rehersal dinner or any other wedding event. To help you with planning we have compiled a list of bridesmaid t-shirt ideas. Here the the top 10

Top 10 Bridesmaid T-shirt Ideas

1. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride (this can be funny for some folks, you know who you are!)
2. Bridesmaid (simple and to the point)
3. Girls night out (great for a bachelorette party)
4. “Bride’s Name” Entourage (show you are part of the entourage for the bachelorette party)
5. Bachelorette Support Crew (That is what you are right?)
6. Team “bridesname” (show your team support of the bride as a bridesmaid)
7. Bridesmaid Seeking Single Groomsman (funny line if you are still single)
8. “Your name” bridesmaid (Good for rehersal so family and people know who you are and your name)
9. Bridesmaid “9/4/08” (mark the occassion with a date)
10. Bridesmaid “with graphic” (Use the text bridesmaid and then use clipart of a flower or something pretty)

If you have any other bridesmaid t-shirt ideas please let us know by posting a comment on this post.

Spice Up Your Bachelorette Party with Customized T-Shirts

Make customized t-shirts for the bride and all the bridesmaids! Online you’ll find a treasure trove of ideas.

“Brides night out: Please spank me.”
“Warning: Bachelorette party in progress. Bridal party may be extremely hot.”
“Buy me a shot, I’m tying the knot”

With custom-made t-shirts, everyone will notice the ladies in the bridal party! Count on extra attention from bartenders and drink buyers.

Raise cash for your bride’s drinks with a “Buck a Suck” t-shirt and add your own lollipops. Or, perhaps, “We’re naughty and nice.” And, don’t forget shirts for the bridesmaids, friends and family. Try some of these ideas.

“I’m with the party. Buy me a drink, but don’t expect anything.”
“Bride’s support staff.”
“Bridesmaid. Noun meaning Still Single.”

Make your shirts something to really remember the event with. Customize them with your bride’s picture. Add the date and location like “Michelle’s Bachelorette Party. Liv’s Lounge 2007.”

Does your group of girls have a favorite show or song? How about a phrase you’ve been saying since 11th grade? Still pining for members of Duran Duran? Use it on your shirt.

Try these ideas:
On the front: “Smack it up, flip it, rub it down.” On the back: “Do Me Baby. Laura’s Bachelorette Party. West Palm 2008.”

Use a photo of Rick Springfield from his heyday with “I’m saving myself for Rick Springfield. Barb’s Bach Party. Fisherman’s Warf.” You won’t believe how many drinks you’ll get from guys claiming to be the 80s pop star!

Get “I’m not a nun” plastered across the back of your bride’s shirt in the colors of your Catholic High School’s plaid.

It’s easy to do online, party organizers. Pick a classy tank top or baby doll tee. Pick from hot styles and colors so your bride looks her best. Find one with lace to go with the cheesy veil you’ve all bought for the night.

Then, select artwork that’s pre-designed online or add your own. Maybe a picture of your bride or all the girls from Spring Break. Or your high school or sorority logo. Then, choose fun text. Pick from ideas already online. Or, create your own slogans like “Laura’s Last Night. Vegas 2007.” and “Angie’s No Angel. NYC Bachelorette Party 2007.” Individualize each shirt with bridesmaids’ names.

Be sure to make your shirts a memory and get pictures of the whole party wearing them. Order extra shirts in bigger sizes to give out during your night of partying and for family and friends who couldn’t make it.

A few years from now when you have a girl’s weekend away, you can get the pictures out along with those of all your kids. MaryBeth Durgins friends took her to Atlantic City for a bachelorette party weekend. They stayed at her feisty grandmother’s nearby condo. The girls’ t-shirts said, “Girl’s Night Out. AC 2007.” They had a picture of MaryBeth with a margarita. They made 75 year old Gram her own special shirt. It said, “Gram’s Night Out. Experience Required” and had a picture of her with MaryBeth on the back. It was a huge hit! Now there’s a picture of the whole gang hanging over Gram’s fireplace.
Don’t miss this chance to give your bride a night she’ll remember with her own special t-shirt.

Bachelor Party – Celebrate with a Custom T-Shirt

Get customized t-shirts for the bachelor party. All the guys can go out in style with no mistaking about what you’re celebrating. With everyone wearing their colors, there is sure to be plenty of attention from bartenders and the ladies!

Craft a custom t-shirt to remember the bachelor party. When you shop online you’ll find plenty of catchy slogans.

  • ”Last fling before the ring.”
  • ”Buy me a shot, before I tie the knot.” Greg Gordon scored free drinks for he and his buddies all night at a New York City bar with this one.
  • And, there’s plenty for the groom’s buddies.
  • “Grooms wingman”
  • ”Best man on so many levels”

Your choice. You can embarrass your groom or stir up some free drinks and other “last night out” freebies with a shirt like this: “Bachelor: last day single. 1. Give me a hug 2. Buy me a shot 3. Spank Me 4. Give me a kiss. 5. All of the above.”

You can also create your own just for your group of friends. Got a favorite team? Show? Or phrase you guys made up on the baseball field in 10th grade? Then design your own shirt. Put a picture of your bachelor on the back. Customize each shirt with nicknames and your party location. Try something like this. The back has a black and white picture of Ken with a martini. It says, “Ken’s Big Gamble. Vegas 2007.” On the front, each guy has his nickname embroidered. Or, get baseball jerseys that say “Team Smith” across the back shoulders, if you’re starting your party at the game.

It’s becoming more and more popular to organize your party with a website, if your group of friends is spread out around the country. If you’ve got a website, be sure to put it on the shirts. That way other party goers will know where to go to look for uploaded party pictures.

With online resources, it only takes a few minutes to put together your bachelor party t-shirt designs. Choose from all styles like popular retro and vintage shirts or sports style shirts and even the ever-popular bowling stripes. You pick the artwork, graphics or photos then add text and names. Pick colors and styles. You can actually see a mock-up of the shirt while you design it. That makes it simple to see what you like and make changes before you order the shirts. And, there’s real live people to call if you need help getting a design together. Typically you’ll find quick turnaround in case you order at the last minute.

The t-shirts are great for marking your group on your big night out. They are also great memories. When Danny Conlon’s buddies took him out the weekend before his wedding, they chose their favorite college bar along the shore. The shirts had a sketch of Danny with a beer mug. It said, “Danny’s Done! Fitzgeralds Bar. September 9th.” The guys bought enough shirts so all the bartenders could wear one too. They took a photo of everyone in their Bachelor Party t-shirts and now it hangs above the bar.
When you’re making plans for his last night out, don’t forget to order your customized t-shirts and make a night of laughs and memories to last a lifetime.