Top 10 Bachelorette Party T-Shirt Ideas

Let’s face it, bachelorette parties are fun and a great opportunity to go out with your friends and have a few drinks and get a little wild. It is a rite of passage that is done by most women sometime before they get married. In the U.S. we just refer to it as a bachelorette party but in in the UK, Ireland and Australia it is commonly called “hen party” or “hens night”. In Canada bachelorette parties are commonly called “stagette”.

Whether you are having your bachelorette party at home, at a local bar or in Las Vegas when you get a big group of girls together it is a great idea to create personalized bachelorette party t-shirts. It is really easy to create a t-shirt that is the same for everyone OR you can create custom t-shirts for each attendee. Here are a few fun ideas for bachelorette party t-shirts:

1. Bride-to-be (simple, classic and reserved)
2. Buy me a shot I’m tying the knot (why not get some free booze on your last big party before you get married)
3. One last fling before the ring (It’s true! have a fun night)
4. “Name’s” Bachelorette Party (great for a big group to keep track of everyone)
5. Bachelorette Party in Progress (great way to show off the big group of girls are having a party)
6. Future “Mrs. Lastname” (personalized wedding t-shirts are fun)
7. Taken (simple and classic phrase to be put on a t-shirt)
8. “Names” last single night on the town (a bit more bold of a statement might make for a fun night)
9. You’re too late, I just got engaged (Rub it in the face of all those men)
10. Team Bride 2008
(Bachelorette parties are nothing without your team of women friends)

Do you have any other ideas for bachelorette party t-shirts, if so we would love to hear them. Feel free to leave your ideas as a comment on this post.

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