Halle Berry

How to Dress like Halle Berry

Halle Berry

When it comes to looking great on every occasion, Halle Berry fits the bill. This is probably because this actress is a former model and former Miss Ohio Beauty Queen. Berry has taken all that she has learned early on and transcended it into a sexy yet simple fashion that few can rival. Her look is not hard to achieve and for that reason many women try their best to dress like Halle Berry.

Here are some sure fire ways to help you achieve the Halle Berry look:

•    Tops: When choosing tops, go with blouses that sport hot details like animal prints. These blouses should be made of a fine fabric and if you want to be like berry, they should also be flowing. Don’t be afraid to show a little cleavage here as Berry often does, just do it in the same tasteful way that she does. Solid colors should be neutral. Colors like browns, pinks, black, and peaches are often seen on Berry and compliment her skin tone very nicely.

•    Pants: Here you can go with anything from jeans to leather pants or anything in between as Berry has been seen in everything. She always wears form fitting but never goes to tight. When you pick out your pants, make sure that they are a comfortable fit but that you can still breathe in them. Here again, Berry has the knowhow to come off looking casual and stunning all at the same time.

•    Shoes:
Berry has been seen in anything from sneakers to ankle boots and even high heels. The color of the shoes should generally match what you are wearing, but really in this department, anything that is tasteful goes.

•    Accessories:
Berry always wears sunglasses when out and about. Choose sunglasses that have a tint of color rather than solid dark black. Berry’s favorite tint is rose colored and she is often seen wearing these style of sunglasses. When it comes to jewelry go simple. Berry never goes gaudy or big and instead stays with the simplest of things like small diamond studded earrings and simple, non-flashy rings and bracelets.

•    Fancy wear:
When the red carpet calls, Berry always answers by wearing soft luxurious gowns that are long and flowing. Again, to emulate Berry choose neutral colors and show a bit of tasteful cleavage.  Finish off the look with a nice pair of solid color high heels with an open toe and when you accessorize, remember to go simplistic.

•    Hair and make-up: Berry used to have her hair cut short and cute, but has since let it grow out and extenuates the length with sexy curls. If you have short hair style it as fashionable as possible and try to give it some lift as Berry did. If you have long hair stay on the simplistic side and give it some curl for the full effect. Like almost everything else on Berry, her make-up is not over-done and stays on the simple side.

Halle Berry is a perfect example that you can look sexy and elegant at the same time. Practice her simple methods of dressing and you too can achieve this look.

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