How to Dress Like Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana is the character played by Miley Cyrus, and her style is very different from the real Miley’s. Hannah Montana is a performer, so she has a style all her own when it comes to the stage. She is a flashy dresser who has a showy stage persona and a wardrobe to back it up. Hannah Montana’s style may be flashy, but it doesn’t take a costume designer to create the look. By pairing the right pieces together, anyone can dress like Hannah Montana.

Make It Sparkle

One of the hallmarks of Hannah’s style is that there is plenty of metallic shine and glitter in her outfits. Any outfit can be made more like one of Hannah’s by adding some rhinestones, glitter or some metallic thread to it. Some silver or gold trim sewn onto the edges of jackets, at the cuffs of sleeves and at the end of a pair of pants will make your items look like something that Hannah would wear.

Although Hannah does wear silver pieces, she tends to prefer gold. She has many jackets and belts that are gold, trimmed with gold or that have gold details. Several of her jackets have a different background color with a gold pattern over that color.

Sequins are also a part of the big picture. If you can find a shirt that is covered in sequins, that’s a perfect way to create a Hannah look.


It’s hard to have a real Hannah Montana look without wearing a jacket. Jackets are an integral part of the overall look, and they add some sparkle when worn correctly. The jackets she wears usually have some sparkling detail or metallic details like lots of rivets. The jackets are almost always short, coming up above the waist. Hannah has jackets in just about every color, including silver, gold, gold and white, black, gray, brown and yellow. Any jacket that has a lot of zippers and buttons is one that looks like Hannah’s style.  If you have a short jacket, add a few sparkling details and it could certainly be one that Hannah owns.


Hannah Montana wears a lot of printed t-shirts. They are almost always brightly-colored, and they often have a large pattern on them. This t-shirt is one that was matched with a jacket with metallic details, a silver belt and a pair of black jeans. She has worn many similar shirts in other stripe colors, such as bright pink and black and red and white. Many times, her shirts are sleeveless or halter-top style.


Hannah loves to accessorize with belts. Her belts usually serve to add some sparkle to the outfit. The belts are usually in silver or gold, but she has also worn belts in purple, red, blue and black among other colors. The more elaborate and detailed the belt is- the better. Many of Hannah’s belts have a lot of intricate design including patterns and large details.  Wearing a dazzling belt is an inexpensive way to add some shine to any outfit and to make it look a little more like Hannah Montana’s.

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  1. Aubrey

    If your looking how to dress like “Hannah’s style”, try using bright colorful dresses with half cut jackets to where. She also wear’s a hand glove with the finger slots cut off, which you can find at Claire’s for about $10.00. Neon colored shoes in tennis shoes or high tops will do fine as well. Hannah Montana has definitely changed her style now and if your looking for her hair style, this is it: Dark Blonde hair with brunette highlights cut to about her shoulders. And don’t forget the big hoop earings and big rings is also it! Hope I helped give you an idea! Thanks for reading! =)

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