How to Dress Like Jack Bauer

The television show 24 is one of the most popular TV series on right now. The main character, Jack Bauer, is played by actor Kiefer Sutherland. When it comes to fashion Jack Bauer is a pretty cut and dry guy. But that’s what makes dressing like him so much fun; because it is easily achieved.

Because Jack Bauer dresses like a regular guy it is easy to achieve his look. But his look on the show changes with the situation he finds himself in. You can not only achieve one look for Jack Bauer, but you can base your look on what you are going to be doing.

If you are simply going to be casual most of the time you are in luck. Jack Bauer’s casual look rarely consists of anything more than a pair of regular fit jeans and a comfort-fit long or short sleeve t-shirt topped off with a dark colored lightweight jacket.

The shirts he wears are usually lighter brown and cream colors when worn with the jacket which is a dark brown color. If he is wearing just a shirt the colors tend to be on the darker side. Lots of dark gray and blacks will do the trick. Make sure that the shirts are fit snug to your body but not too tight. On the opposite side of the spectrum do not wear a shirt that is too big. Jack Bauer always wears a nice form fitting shirt but he never tucks them in. His jacket is never buttoned up and always opened –probably to allow easy access to his gun.–

Jack Bauer’s jeans are not tight but are also not to baggy. He seems to wear just a regular cut to a relaxed cut pair of jeans and his belts are either black or brown. He is always on the go and running after or away from bad guys, so it makes sense that his jeans need to be comfortable.

Finding yourself in a dressier situation is alright too as Jack Bauer often finds himself has to look snappy or professional at times on 24. Many times on the show Jack Bauer can be seen in a nice pair of dress pants with a long sleeve button down shirt and a sports blazer. His dress shirts are typically darker grays while his dress pants and sports blazer are usually charcoal or black in color.

Jack Bauer’s shoes will of course vary from situation to situation but they are always black in color. If you really want to complete the look you will need a black lightweight bullet proof vest worn over your shirt, but under your jacket. Add a gun and you have the real thing –though you may not want to carry a gun.–

Now complete the look by not shaving for a couple of days to achieve a nice scruff on your face. Keep your hair short if you want to totally look like Jack Bauer. Now you will have the look and feel of what it is like to be Jack Bauer –without all the bullets being shot at you.–

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