How to Dress Like the Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers are a group of guys who really know how to dress. They have such impeccable style that guys, and even girls, around the world are imitating the style. To get a style that is similar to the Jonas Brothers, is important to know how to pair jackets, shirts, pants and ties in new and interesting ways.


While the Jonas Brothers may wear a lot of suits, they aren’t the kind of suits that your grandparents wore. These are the flashy suits that have decorative piping and come in metallic colors in many cases. They love to wear light-colored suits with dark piping and dark suits with lighter details. To get the look of the Jonas Brothers suits, get a color scheme in mind first. They like light grays, whites and light neutral tones.

Then, find pieces that go together but that don’t necessarily match perfectly. Make sure your pants and jacket match, but keep the shirt and tie from being the exact same color. You might pair cotton or linen pants with a satin jacket like this one worn recently by one of the Jonas Brothers.


All three of the Jonas Brothers wear ties regularly. These ties can be striped or solid color. Most often, the ties have horizontal, slightly diagonal stripes. Choose neutral colors with your tie. While the occasional Jonas Brother may choose a red or orange tie, they generally wear neutrals colors rather than flashier ties. If you do choose a color, make sure it has diagonal stripes to go with the usual Jonas brother style. Also, make sure you don’t wear your tie tied too tightly. The Jonas Brothers love to loosen up their ties for a chic look but is also a little bit casual. They generally keep the buttons at the top of the collar and loosen the tie to match.

Shirts and Jackets

The Jonas Brothers favor button-up shirts in white and cream. They sometimes wear brown or maybe blue as well. Sometimes they choose striped shirts, and are fond of white shirts with light blue or gray stripes. The shirts can then be worn with a casual jacket if the Jonas Brothers are wearing suits at the time. The Jonas Brothers often wear casual jackets and colors with lots of beiges and browns. Sometimes the jackets are brown with beige accents, and sometimes they are maybe with lighter colored details.

If you don’t have a jacket on, roll up your sleeves. The Jonas Brothers are fond of the rolled-up sleeves look and often roll them up when they are in casual situations. For other casual occasions, they choose to wear crewneck t-shirts with dark pants or with jeans. They also wear a lot of vests with their t-shirts as well as with their suits. If you have a plain, casual t-shirt, pairing it with a neutral colored vest will make it look much more like a Jonas Brothers outfit. If you have a plaid flannel shirt, this will also work well it can be worn with a vest or jacket or on its own.

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