White trash

How to Dress Like White Trash

White trash

If you’re invited to a costume party or looking for ideas for Halloween or your school’s spirit week, you may want to consider dressing like white trash. It’s not morally correct to judge a person by their appearance, or label an entire group of people as trash, but if you’re looking for an innovative way to poke fun at stereo-types, dress up like one. It brings consciousness to the stereo-type and is an instant conversation starter.

Dressing like white trash is very easy to do. It requires dedication to your costume, though, because white trash is very much an attitude. The attitude is a study in contrasts. White trash cares deeply about cars, patriotism, and beer. They are very proud. That said, white trash does not care as much about their physical appearance. White trash will wear clothes with stains or tears. They will wear dirty shoes. They are also guilty of not washing their hair every day, which creates a greasy, matted appearance. White trash may or may not care for their teeth.

Women looking to dress in this fashion need to consider tattoos. White trash love tattoos. One of the most popular tattoos is the affectionately named “tramp stamp.” A tramp stamp is a tattoo on the lower back, just above the panty line. It should peak through clothes when you bend over. Some tramp stamps are just decorative laurels, but many of these tattoos spell out a name, usually the name of a boyfriend or husband.

Another popular tattoo spot is over the bosom. White trash women usually sport tattoos on the cleavage. These tattoos are partially visible when wearing tank or tubes tops. Cleavage tattoos are most often flowers, but can also be hearts with a name inscribed. Other popular locations are on the ankles, over the shoulder, on the arm, and on the back of the calf. Whichever tattoo you choose, and you must choose a tattoo, you can buy temporary ones. Of course, you can just get a tattoo and fully commit to the role.

Aside from tattoos, wardrobe is very important. White trash women wear tight clothes, usually creating unflattering ripples and bulges. A good tip is to shop at your local thrift store. You can purchase lots of unbearably tight clothes. Be on special look out for acid washed jeans. These jeans are the lightest blue, or gray. They look overly washed, and tragically 1980s. Make sure the jeans are three sizes too small. This also applies to shorts. White trash loves to wear shorts, especially cut-off jean shorts, and the tighter the better. If you can’t button up the pants, that’s even better.

Shirts are easy. They should be shorter than you’re comfortable with, on the same level with your belly button, so that when you raise your arms, it goes up, and shows your stomach. Make sure to invest in t-shirts with holes in them. Halter tops are also very popular, because they show off skin and tattoos. Never wear a bra.

If you’re a man looking to capture the white trash look, invest in a mullet wig. Mullets are haircuts that look short in the front, but long in the back. Ironically, most of the tips for women also work for men. Tight clothes are a must. Short shirts and shorts are also appropriate. Tattoos, preferably of the rebel flag, are also recommended. You may also want to wear dirty boots, wife beater t-shirts, and leather jackets when you’re going somewhere fancy.

Remember that stereo-types are wrong, but making fun of them is right.

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  1. denise ann

    I guess I’m f****d because I been told I’m white trash. haha . But I AM KIND.
    anyway, if you’re a good person who cares about others and helps anyone who asks, then your’re not so bade are ya.

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