How To Fold A Bandanna


Bandannas are a great alternative to wearing a hat. They’re lighter and just as protective against the hot rays of the sun. If you’re out and about and need to remove a bandanna all you have to do is put it in your pocket. Therefore, storage is a lot easier than a bulky hat as well. If you’ve seen bikers, trash men, or concert goers wearing bandannas and want to achieve the same look it’s quite simple. Although folding a bandanna properly so it stays securely on your head takes a little more work than just putting on a baseball cap, it’s worth the effort.

Folding a bandanna is easy. The first thing to keep in mind is that, obviously, there are four corners and each corner comes into play during the folding process.

First lay your bandanna on a flat surface like a tabletop or a bed. Take one of the four corners and fold it into the center. This is the first fold.

Now turn the entire bandanna over with the first fold still intact. Make a small, one inch fold across the flat folded side. This extra, second fold will be the part of the fabric that lies against your forehead.

Keeping the folds as they are, lift the bandanna off of the flat surface and onto your head. Place the second fold you made in the previous step on a comfortable spot on your forehead. Hold the two side corners and pull in a backwards motion so that the bandanna stays against your forehead.

Tie the two corners that are now in your hand behind your head. Sometimes it helps to twist them a bit so you can get a better grip for tying them together. Make sure to tie a knot so that the corners stay put.

Now your bandanna is tied behind your head. There should be one corner left that you haven’t yet done anything with. Take this corner and gently push it behind the knot you made when you tied the previous two corners together.

Little did you know that now you are in a position to create a unique style of your own. Grab this fourth corner and pull it below the knot so that the bandanna sits snugly on your entire head. If a tight against-the-head look is not for you, then you can achieve a more Aunt Jemimah look by not pulling down that fourth corner behind the knot so far. Using a reflective surface, only pull as far down as you’d like to get the look you want.

The available styles and colors of bandannas are as unique as you are. Some come with stripes, polka dots, and rainbow colors from yellow to pink. Other designs include racecars or skulls. Men and women alike can enjoy the style a bandanna gives to them. Now that you have the skills of properly fitting a bandanna to your head, you can benefit from this style as well.

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