If I Cut My T-Shirt Will The Ends Fray?

Cutting up T-shirts on purpose to make them look different has been done for years. Many people cut T-shirts and then add parts and patches from other items of clothing to make something completely different and unique. Some even use collars and sleeves from other shirts. Some people just like the look of the unfinished ends and cut the finished hems. Other people simply make holes in their T-shirt or cut it strategically for the sake of style, without adding any new pieces to it. This deconstruction and reconstruction of clothes is very popular, especially with teenagers and certain other groups.

For anyone who is into any type of reconstruction or deconstruction of T-shirts, it is important to know about fraying and how it will impact the changes you have made to your tee. T-shirts are made of cotton that typically will fray just a little. It does not unravel, but does need extra care because not only will fraying occur if you cut your T-shirt, but the ends may curl also. By sewing or gluing another replacement piece of material to the cut end, it will solve this problem.

In addition there are a variety of different products, usually referred to as liquid seam sealants, on the market which are made to stop fraying, like Fray Check. By applying this type of liquid to the cut end of the T-shirt or any other type of material, you will be able to make sure that ends do not fray once the cuts have been made. Another way to prevent fraying is to sew a row of stitches just above the area you cut. This will halt fraying at that point. Remember that during the washing and drying process, T-shirts get the roughest handling. Therefore you need to remember to wash a deconstructed or reconstructed T-shirt on the gentle cycle of your washer and hang it to dry.

If you cut your T-shirt and it starts to fray or look bad, the best way to solve your problem is to invest in some more T-shirts. By getting tees from a company that specializes in custom-made T-shirts, you will be able to choose the color, style, weight, design and quality that you want. You can even have a shirt made to replace the frayed ones that are no longer wearable. Custom-made tees can recreate any T-shirt design that you want.

For those who love the frayed look, you can even get a custom-made T-shirt made just for that. You can have a T-shirt printed with lines like these:
–    I love the frayed look
–    For the frayed look, cut here (arrows pointing in different directions)
–    Frayed T-shirts are hot
–    I heart deconstructed tees
–    Reconstructed T-shirts rock
–    Happiness is a frayed T-shirt
–    Frayed on purpose
–    This is a deconstructed T-shirt
–    Yes, I like this look

Get your custom-made T-shirt today, grab your scissors and some liquid seam sealant and customize your very own look.

One thought on “If I Cut My T-Shirt Will The Ends Fray?

  1. Ana A

    I’d like to cut the neck on a cotton-polyester blend t-shirt. Will it roll just like 100% cotton? Or will it end up fraying?

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