What to Wear on Vacation in Mexico


Mexico is a country that is filled with so much to do that you will definitely have to plan a few trips to soak it all in. While there are many customs held by the locals some of those customs are in the way that the Mexican people dress and in order to enjoy your visit to its fullest, you too should observe these customs.

Mexico is a place that messes casual and formal almost everywhere you look so it is important to know what to wear and when to wear it. Here are some clues:

•    Long dresses: When you ladies are walking through the towns and especially if you are venturing into a local church be sure to wear a nice long dress. This will not only show your respect for the Mexican culture but it will have you stick out a lot less then if you were to wear shorts.

•    Shorts:
Guys can typically get away with wearing cargos in the ‘touristy’ areas but for the most part should stick to a nice pair of cotton slacks. Ladies don’t typically wear shorts and when they do go that route it is usually in the form of some classy capri pants.

•    Beach wear:
This is the one place in Mexico that is pretty laid back. Your typical bathing suit that you are accustomed to wearing back home will probably be just fine. Leave behind the thongs and Speedos though; that is unless you want to offend someone. Whatever you do, don’t venture into town in your beach attire unless you want to be the wrong kind of focal point the entire time you are there.

•    Summer wear:
In Mexico it is as hot as it gets and still you will notice the locals wearing long pants and long sleeved shirts. In Mexico they make a lot of their clothing with cottons and other breathable fabrics as they are used to the sweltering heat and know what type of materials work best in that heat. Knowing that it may be wise to spend a few pesos and go to the local shops to acquire their summer wear. It will no doubt be more comfortable than what you own and the good thing is that you will be buying a memento too.

•    Gringo wear:
Leave all your, ‘Hi, I’m a tourist’ wear at home. Because you are what the Mexicans loving refer to as a ‘gringo’ you will already stick out somewhat. The last thing you want to do is to draw mass attention to yourself by wearing that tired old jogging suit with flashy white sneakers and cameras galore around your neck. This not only looks horrendous, but if you dress in this manner you will be setting yourself up to be an easy target for those that wish to rob the naive gringo.

To thoroughly enjoy all that Mexico has to offer you need to dress the part. A classy and sophisticated wardrobe that is also comfortable will take you a long way in the country and ensure a good time is had by all.

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