I Love New York

History of I Love New York T-Shirts

T-shirts that say I heart NY, read I love New York, definitely stand out. They have a history and a story to goI Love New York with them that add to their appeal. Amazingly they have been around for a long time and are still as popular as ever. Knowing more about the famous I Love New York T-shirt is something that anyone who has ever visited the state or ever wants to visit it should know. Such knowledge is also very helpful when playing board games and TV game shows.

The I heart NY T-shirt logo was originally designed in the mid 1970s for the New York State tourism department. It is not specifically a logo just for New York City but for the entire state, even though many people believe it refers to NYC. It is still used by the state’s tourism department today in their advertising, print materials and souvenirs.

The highly successful graphic designer Milton Glaser is the person responsible for designing this popular logo. In fact, he even created it free of charge for the state. A logo that was expected to be used in short ad campaign has turned into a pop culture phenomenon. More than 3 decades later it is still being used and even copied and parodied. However, the state owns the  copyright to the graphic and so

The idea of using “I heart …” on T-shirts, hats, bumper stickers and other promotional items has caught on like wildfire. Many other places and companies have tried to use the simple yet effective logo. Many of those have paid licensing fees to New York State in exchange for the right to use the logo. However, endless numbers of those using it have not paid such fees, resulting in trademark objections from the state’s lawyers. Those lawyers are kept very busy keeping on top of who is violating the I heart New York trademark, as they have filed over 3000 such objections.

“I heart …” is a very popular design for custom-made T-shirts. You can have a custom-made T-shirt printed with the expression in order to show how strongly you feel about just about anything. Some popular ones include:
•    I heart my wife/husband
•    I heart my dog/cat/horse
•    I heart golf/bowling/ballet/soccer
•    I heart Jesus
•    I heart the USA
•    I heart Mommy/Daddy/ Grandma/Grandpa/My Brother/My Sister
•    I heart TV shows/ movies
•    I heart a celebrity
•    I heart name.

Get a popular, fun “I heart …” T-shirt today and show off what it is you really love.

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