How To Dress Like A Celebrity – Fashion Advice

Everyone watches TV and movies and thinks how great the celebrities look. Some may wonder how we can look that good all the time. Well, if you are like me, you don’t have a personal hairdresser, make-up artist and fashion consultant to tell you how to dress to impress the world.

One thing to remember, especially when it comes to TV and movies, nobody wakes up in the morning with perfect hair and makeup, ever. It takes a long time to get someone to look like they just woke up. It’s crazy to see people on TV and movies looking like they are ready for a fancy dinner date when they first open their eyes.

How can you look like a celebrity without spending your salary on a couple of outfits? Here are some tips on doing just that:

1) Go shopping and start buying clothing that emulates a celebrity you like. It doesn’t matter how much you may end up looking like them as long as you add some of your own personal style to the outfits you purchases.
2) Make sure the clothing you get flatters your figure. Don’t buy something made for a supermodel body if you don’t have one. Always wear the correct size for your shape. Celebrity clothing is custom fit to their body and you want to get as close to that look as you can.
3) For you ladies out there you must learn to accessorize, if you already haven’t that is. A nice silver or gold chain is a good item and earrings are a must. The shinier the better and long dangly earrings are a must have. Scarves are a good idea as well. Just look through pictures for ideas and copy them.
4) When it comes to hairstyles, you have to think different every day. A celebrity would never be caught dead in the same exact haircut day in and day out. When you wake up, don’t brush your hair instead run your fingers through it to give a proper tousled look. Try wearing your hair down one day, up the next, ponytail on another day, etc. etc.
5) If you go for jeans they need to be dark, low cut and fit snuggly. No baggy old faded jeans. They should look like designer jeans as well. Take good care of these and watch how you wash them, you don’t want to fade them.
6) As for shoes, you need a few pairs of these. You will need some flats, stilettos and for those colder months go for the boots with the furry tops to them. Women, wear heals as much as possible. Men, dress shoes, sneakers and a good pair of boots.
7) If you want to wear a hat, stay away from baseball caps and go with a fedora or something along those lines. You could go for the Ashton Kutcher trucker hat style that swept the celebrity world.

That’s about it and just remember to have fun with it, you are famous after all.

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