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Obama Oprah

Celebrities Caught Wearing Barack Obama T-Shirts

Oprah Winfrey

Obama Oprah

Oprah hosted a post-election special and she was wearing a white t-shirt with Hope Won! in large blue letters. Oprah called Obama’s win “a new day for America”.  [Source: Oprah.com]

Sarah Jessica Parker

Obama Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted working in Washington D.C. this week earing a brown Obama t-shirt with a large o w ith the word Obama in the middle.  [Source: Splash News]

Ryan Phillipe

Obama Ryan Phillipe

Obama Ryan Phillipe 2

Black Barack Obama Double o eight t-shirt that has with Obama’s face and a blue circle and the text 008 as well  as an Obama Progress T-Shirt. [Source: Socialite Life]

Pierce Brosnan

Obama Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan was seen wearing a white t-shirt with an artistic representation of Obama in black and white. Pierce goes for the tucked in shirt look. [Source: Splash News]

Sean “Diddy” Combs

Obama Diddy

Diddy was spotted wearing a white Barack Obama Progress t-shirt while trying to get the youth to vote. [Source: Perez Hilton]

Chris Brown

Obama Chris Brown

Chris Brown was seen wearing a white ringer t-shirt with blue edges and the text “Obama or Die” as a take off the the 2004 Vote or Die campaign. [Source: Didntinviteme]


Obama Cher

Cher was on Ellen a earlier this week with a Barack the Vote t-shirt.The shirt is white rock the vote with red text for the B and A.  [Source: Popcrunch]

Halle Berry

Obama Halle Berry

Obama Halle Berry 2

Obama Halle Berry 3

Halle was spotted over the summer wearing a fitted white Barack the Vote T-Shirt with a large photograph of Obama in blue and pink. [Source: PopSugar, Bossip]

Anne Hathaway

Obama Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway was spotted at the Democratic National Convention in August wearing a white Obama campaign t-shirt. [Source: PopSugar]

Beyonce Knowles

Obama Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce was seen wearing a white Obama t-shirt with the famous Obama Progress design in August. [Source: PopSugar]

Ellen Pompeo

Obama Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo was seen wearing a charcoal colored Barack Obama t-shirt with HOPE in white letters and the text Obama 08. [Source: PopSugar]

Kim Kardashian

Obama Kim Kardashian

Back in March Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing a black t-shirt with large bright gold lettering that says “Obama is my Homeboy”. [Source:Media Outrage]


Obama Madonna

Madonna was wearing a Barack Obama after a workout at the gym. The shirt has a full print on a black t-shirt with a large Obama head and his signature. [Source: Hollywood Up-Close]

Joel Madden

Obama Joel Madden

Joes Madden wore a black Barack Obama t-shirt with a photograph of Obama and the text “Barack Obama for President Making History”. [Source: The Insider]

Pete Wentz

Obama Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz was spotted wearing a white cut up Obama t-shirt with a phrase something like “More  than just his clothes” and something else that is too difficult to read. [Source: Rolling Stone]

Alicia Keys

Obama Alicia Keys

Alicia was seen over the summer in London in a black t-shirt with a giant black and white photograph of Barack Obama. [Source: Toyas]

Rumer Willis

Obama Rumer Willis

Rumer Willis was caught wearing a heather grey Obama t-shirt with a drawing of Obama and the text “Obama for your Mama”.  [Source: Just Jared]

Peter Facinelli

Obama Peter Facinelli

Peter Facinelli was seen wearing a heather blue Obama t-shirt design with a large image of Obama at the Camp Ronald McDonald 16th Annual Family Halloween Carnival in Universal City.  [Source: CeleBitchy]


Obama Fergie

Fergie was wearing a white Obama t-shirt with his face tiled in a variety of colors during a performance back in September. [Souce: PopSugar]

Ryan Gosling

Obama Ryan Gosling

Canadian Ryan Gosling shows his support of Barack Obama with this charcoal grey t-shirt with the word Hope on two lines. [Source: Daily Mish Mash]

Spike Lee

Obama Spike Lee

Obama Spike Lee 2

Obama Spike Lee 3

Obama Spike Lee 4

Obama Spike Lee 5

Spike Lee has been spotted a few times wearing an Obama t-shirt. The top image of Spike Lee is an Obama t-shirts with Obama symbol and then what appears to be Obama playing basketball and dunking on John McCain. [Source: Star Pulse] The next t-shirt he was seen wearing was an official Obama campaign t-shirt in dark blue with Obama and the Obama symbol. [Source: Virgin Media]. The third image of Spike Lee is an Obama hoodie with the classic Obama design with the word Hope below. [Source: 43kix]. The fourth Spike Lee image features a very large drawing of Obama with an interesting smirk on his face and the text “Obama” [Source: Don’t Miss] . The fifth image of Spike Lee wearing a Barack Obama t-shirt with what appears to be some shiny objects that were sewn on the t-shirt to make up the Obama design [Source: Babble].

Paul Blackthorne

Obama Paul Blackthorne

Paul Blackthorne of LipstickJungle was spotted riding his bike wearing a grey Obama t-shirt with a large Obama face in black. [Source: NY Post]

This post is a work in progress…If we missed anyone important please let us know.

Eva Longoria privacy

I Want More Privacy T-Shirt Spotted on Actress

Eva Longoria privacy

The t-shirt “I want more privacy” was spotted on Desparate Housewives star Eva Longoria in West Hollywood this week.  The t-shirt is a blue-grey distressed t-shirt with large lettering that says “I want more privacy”.  The same shirt style was also seen on Heidi Montag earlier this month. Via: Daily Mall Reporter

Lindsay Lohan

1970s Rock Band T-Shirt Spotted on Hollywood Actress

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan was spotted in Hollywood last weekend wearing a bright pink t-shirt of band Boston. For those of you too young to know Boston is a rock band from Massachussets who rocked the 1970s and 1980s and sold over 50 million albums. Popular Boston songs still play the radio that include “Smokin”, “More than a Feeling”, Peace of Mind” and “Don’t Look Back”. Check out the offical Boston web site or read a brief Boston biography. Photo Via: Celeb Slam

David Duchovny Puma

Celebrities Wear Big Brands and a Brief History of Puma Brand

David Duchovny Puma

David Duchovny was spotted wearing a heathered grey ringer t-shirt with a green neckline and Puma across the chest. Newsweek had an interesting story about how the brands Puma and Adidas got started. In the 1920s two brothers Adolf (Adi) and Rudolf Dassler started a shoemaking business in Herzogenaurach but they had different ideas about the business and life and they decided to split. Adi renamed the business Adidas and Rudolf registered his company Puma which resulted in two of the biggest sporting brands for both shoes and t-shirts. Check out the full history of Puma in a Newsweek interview with Barbara Smit who wrote the book “Sneaker Wars” at Newsweek. Image Via: Pacific Coast Online

Anne Hathaway renegade

Actress Expresses Renegade Attitude on a T-Shirt

Anne Hathaway renegade

Anne Hathaway was spotted in New York City while filming a new movie Bride Wars wearing a grey heathered t-shirt with the word renegade and the number 05. The sporty form fitting shirt has pink stripes on the sleeves and has kind of a vintage appearance. You can find out more about Bride Wars and its 2009 release at IMDB. Via: Pop Crunch

Kate Moss

Charity T-Shirts Sold By Model To Help Seriously Ill Children.

Kate Moss

Model Kate Moss is now selling charity t-shirt in hopes of raising $150,000 for the Starlight Children’s Foundation. The Starlight Children’s Foundation develops programs that educate, entertain and inspire seriously ill children. Moss’ hand drawn limited edition t-shirt will be part of her new TopShop collection and proceeds will go direct to the Foundation. The t-shirt is cream color, 100% cotton and is being sold for £20.00. For more information or to purchase the charity t-shirt visit the Kate Moss Top Shop. Via: All Headline News

Jack Black

Movie Stars Use T-Shirts For Shameless Self-Promotion

Jack Black

Jack Black was spotted in New York wearing a Panda t-shirt (again!) to promote his new animated movie Kung Fu Panda. Black is the voice of the leading panda character who turns out to be a legendary kung fu warrior. The movie has received pretty good reviews so Black should feel good in his endless Panda t-shirt wardrobe. Via: Brick and Stones Gossip

Heidi Montag

Some Celebrities Want More Privacy – Evidence on T-Shirts

Heidi Montag

A white shirt with “I want more privacy” in huge bright pink lettering was spotted on Heidi Montag during a recent trip to Disneyland. The shirt is obviously a joke because Heidi and her boyfriend Spencer Pratt main job is to look good, travel around and have people take pictures of them. In the past year the couple has brought in over $3 million for TV salaries, club appearances, photo shoots and business deals. I am sure they want more privacy but I bet they would rather have the $3 million. Via: Buzznet

Tony Romo

Rock Paper Scissors T-Shirt Spotted on Pro-Football Player

Tony Romo

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was spotted with his girlfriend Jessica Simpson near the Dallas Primo restaurant wearing a grey Rock Paper Scissors t-shirt. For those of you who don’t know, Rock Paper Scissors (AKA: Roshambo) is a two person hand game where each person either makes their hand in a form of scissors, paper or rock. Scissors beats paper, rock beats scissors, and paper beats rock. Check out the World Rock Paper Scissors Society or the USA RPS League for more info on Rock Paper Scissors. Image via Just Jared

John Mayer Carrie Underwood

Celebrities Support Major Corporatations on T-Shirts

John Mayer Carrie Underwood

Over the past couple weeks a couple celebrities have been spotted wearing t-shirts of a few of the biggest corporations in the world. Country star Carrie Underwood was spotted wearing a Coca-Cola t-shirt while shopping for baby clothes at Sunset Plaza in Los Angeles. John Mayer was also spotted wearing a Disney branded Mickey Mouse t-shirt. Via Just Jared & Spoonkit.

Mila Kunis

Celebrities Support Dead Rock Legends on T-Shirts

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis was spotted pumping gas wearing a t-shirt with Jim Morrison. Mila is best known for playing Jackie Burkhard on That 70s Show and as the voice of Meg Griffin on the Family Guy. The shirt looks like it has been around a while.

The t-shirt with Jim Morrison is for the album An American Prayer which a studio album by The Doors. The album was created seven years after Jim Morrison died. The original band members reunited and took his recorded poetry from 1070 and added backing tracks. Via: Hollywood Tuna

Justin Chambers

Celebrities Show Passion For Drumming on T-Shirts

Justin Chambers

Justin Chambers was spotted at the Pilgrim School in Korea Town, Los Angeles wearing a grey t-shirt with a silhouette of a drummer going crazy with long spiky hair. Not sure who makes the drummer t-shirt but it looks very casual with the jeans and flip-flops.

Justin was once a Calvin Klein model until he landed some acting roles in movies and and most recently a role in the hit TV show Grey’s Anatomy.

Via: Just Jared

Adrian Grenier

It’s Time to Haul Ash T-Shirt Spotted on Celebrity

Adrian Grenier

Adrian Grenier was spotted taking a break from filming the fifth season of Entourage in Los Angeles at the El Rey theater. Grenier was wearing a fitted baby blue heathered ringer t-shirt with an image of the erupting Mt. St. Helens. The t-shirt has the funny phrase “It’s time to haul ash!, Mt. St. Helens, Washington. Via: Pacific Coast News Online

Minnie Driver

Celebrities Support Ghandi on T-Shirts

Minnie Driver

The 6 month pregnant actress Minnie Driver was spotted in London to promote her her album ‘Seastories’ wearing a light brown maternity t-shirt with an image of Ghandi. It is hard not to like a man who believed in truth and resistance to evil through active non-violent resistance.

Ghandi has inspired movements for civil rights and freedom and has been a symbol of peace around the world. If you need a refresher on Ghandi check out MjGandhi.org, or Wikipedia. Via Pacific Coast Online

Reduce attention

T-Shirt Worn by Celebrity to Reduce Media Attention?

Reduce attentionMany celebrities have money and fame but this does not mean they have it easy. Paparazzi, fans, reporters and critics make having a normal life nearly impossible. One of the celebrities who has fell victim to the non-stop media attention is Miley Cyrus. Most recently Miley was critcized for her provocative Vanity Fair photographs and for stealing an LA band’s song.

In response to media attention, the “World’s First Supermodel” Janice Dickinson was spotted wearing a black t-shirt with the phrase “Get off Miley’s Back” in large white letters. The outfit also consisted of a long black shirt and a bright red belt.

While I am not sure that wearing this t-shirt will in fact get the media off Miley’s back I think many might believe such a phrase.

Via Style Dash