Online dating

What to Wear on First Date with Someone I Met Through Online Dating

Online dating

As everyone knows, the object if dating is to get to know a person well. Misrepresenting yourself is a bad idea if you want your date to get to know the real you. However, the first impression that your date has of you is extremely important. For this reason, the first date is a time to make yourself look your best, even if you usually don’t put as much effort into your clothing. You want to make an effort not just to make yourself look good, but so that your date sees that you respected him or her enough to make that effort.


For women, there are a great number of choices that can make you look your best for this date. One of the most important things to remember is that if the clothes aren’t flattering, they aren’t the best choice. Even if they look great on the hanger, they may not look great with your particular figure type.
Play up your best features and build up features that aren’t as good. If you have a long neck, wear a necklace that attracts attention to it, and wear a detailed collar to draw the eye upward. If you have a short neck, wear a shirt or dress that has a v-neck in order to make your neck look longer. If you’re tall, wear something short to show off your long legs. If you’re short, wear high heels to appear taller.

If your date won’t take place in a dressy place, a simple knee-length skirt in a flirty pattern paired with a simple, solid-colored shirt is always a good choice. It can be dressed up or down with accessories. If the date will be very casual, it can be worn with sneakers for a fun, casual look.

If the date is a dressy dinner date, a dress that is not too low cut is a nice way to dress for a first date. A long black dress is appropriate for just about any occasion, and it’s slimming to every figure. Pair it with your favorite jewelry and a pair of heels and you’ve got a simple but attractive first date outfit.


For men, the choices are usually between jeans and slacks for a first date. Unless your date will take place outdoors, the most respectful thing to wear to show that you have put effort into your appearance for your date is a nice pair of tan or khaki pants. This can be worn with a simple t-shirt for a casual date or you can pair it with a button-up shirt for a dressier date.

Wearing shorts to a first date, unless it is an extremely casual occasion, is generally not what will make the best impression. However, for a causal date, sneakers may be appropriate footwear. If you are going to a dinner date, wear dressy shoes to match the rest of your outfit and your date will know that you made the effort to make a good impression.

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