Squeaky shoes

How To Fix Squeaky Shoes

Squeaky shoes

Have you ever heard the sounds of a basketball game in a gym? I don’t mean the cheers and boos from the crowd, but the squeaky sounds made by the players as their shoes move against the floor when they perform quick starts and stops en route to a fantastic three-point shot. It’s a sound synonymous with sports, whether it is basketball, racquetball, or indoor soccer.

These sounds are fine and most likely expected inside a gym, but what if these sounds emanate from shoes when they’re not wanted? Shoes that announce your arrival long before you arrive can be quite embarrassing. Who would want squeaky shoes while walking down the street or in a library? Maybe you think that’s just the way it is and eventually the shoes will lose their squeaky sounds after they’re broken in. You’ve probably never considered that there are intentional things that can be done to correct the annoying squeaky shoe problem.

Well you’re in luck, and you’re not the only person with shoes that sound like you stepped on a child’s toy. Squeaky shoes are a common problem and it’s caused mainly by two materials that rub against one another. There are both home-made and professional remedies for this problem.

First, the home-made methods:

Remedy #1: Super Glue
If you’ve identified that the heel is the cause of the noise, it likely means that it’s loose. Simply add a few drops to the inside part of the heel and hold it tight against the main part of the shoes until it adheres. Then allow it some time to completely dry.

Remedy #2: Baby Powder
Most shoes come with an inner sole. Lift the sole, sprinkle baby powder inside, and then replace it. Hopefully the powder will soak up any moisture that could be causing the sound.

Remedy #3: Paper Towels
Have you been out in the rain and stepped in a puddle? If your shoes are wet in any way they will likely squeak. If this is your situation, stuff your shoes with paper towels and allow them to dry. The damper they are the more stuffing they’ll need

Remedy #4: Silicone Spray
Just spurt the spray around the regions that are rubbing together. This works great and doesn’t cause damage to leather shoes.

If you’ve tried all of these solutions and nothing seems to work, it might be time to call on a pro. It might sound old-fashioned, but cobblers still exist and are ready to help.

Remedy #5: Take Your Shoes To A Cobbler
If the shoes are very old and the soles are worn, a cobbler can resole the shoes for you.

Remedy #6: Take Your Shoes To A Repair Shop
Sometimes the shank becomes loose in old shoes and causes them to squeak. A shoe repair shop can help.

So now there is hopefully no more reason to adjust the way you walk to avoid squeaky sounds or feel ashamed when your shoes are louder than you are.

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