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Do You Wear Brand Names on Your T-Shirt?

There are a lot of t-shirts out there with brand names on them. This provides advertising for the companies as well as shows the style of the person wearing the t-shirt. But, there are millions of other designs possible that don’t advertise a company. There are so many different options that anyone anywhere can design a t-shirt that fits their own personal style perfectly.

Choosing a favorite item to display on a t-shirt is a great way to show your personal taste and style. If you have a favorite animal, putting it on the front of a T-shirt is a fun way to show your personal tastes. You can choose a stylized version of an animal or use any realistic photograph of one. Another fun idea is to have your child draw a picture of an animal and use that for a t-shirt design.

Hobbies are also a popular choice for t-shirt designs. If you enjoy crafts, a picture of something within your crafting hobby is perfect for t-shirts. Or, you can choose a saying that has to do with your favorite craft. This is a way to show other people your interests and to have a little fun in doing so.

If you are an artist, a t-shirt is the perfect way to showcase your artwork. You can reproduce your artwork on the front or back of the t-shirt can show the world how artistic and creative you are. It’s also a way to interest of the people in perhaps buying your artwork.

T-shirts printed with words don’t have to be limited to brand names. Using famous quotes on the front of a t-shirt is a way to show your sense of humor, your political views or your general outlook on life. You can also make up your own sayings or a use quote that your friends have heard from you before to make a much more personal statement. Sometimes just a word or two can express what you want to say to the world without your having to do anything other than put on your t-shirt.

Your own personal pictures are great images to use for a t-shirt design. Pictures of your family together will show off your pride in your family. Pictures of your kids, a family portrait or a picture of your garden are a beautiful ways to embellish a t-shirt. Many people also love to take pictures of their pets and use those for t-shirt designs. Everyone loves pictures of cute dogs and cats, and this is your chance to show off yours.

Another popular look is simply to wear a plain white or colored t-shirt. You don’t have to adorn them with anything at all and the t-shirt will still look casual and stylish. You can pair a plain t-shirt with a pair of jeans, or dress it up with a skirt or a pair of dressy pants. Even the plainest t-shirt can be made to look dressy by using a few accessories or a nice jacket.

How to Clean a Chocolate Stain From a T-Shirt

Chocolate can be a very difficult thing to get out of t-shirt. It is sticky and thick, making it easy for chocolate to attach itself to fabric. Unless it is removed properly, chocolate can ruin a t-shirt. But with a little effort, it is possible to get all of the chocolate out of your t-shirt.

Once chocolate is spilled on a y-shirt, it’s important to quickly remove as much as possible. You may need to scrape away some the chocolate to remove it from the fabric. To do this, use a brush to scrub away as much chocolate as possible. Use a scrub brush or tooth brush to scrub the fabric in just one direction rather than back and forth. This will minimize the amount of damage that can occur to the fabric. This will lift away some of the chocolate. To keep it away from your t-shirt, press a cotton cloth into the stain to take away the chocolate you have lifted out.

Once you get the excess chocolate out of the fabric, you’ll need to get the rest of it out. To do this, you will need a strong cleaner that can lift the stain away from the fibers. Washing powder is a good, neutralizing substance that can be extremely good for moving this type of stain. You can make a paste out of equal parts of water and washing powder. Press this mixture into the fabric and brush it into the fibers. Then, let the mixture sit and soak into the fabric. This will allow the washing powder to separate the chocolate from the fibers.

When this is completed, wash away the mixture with very cold water. Using hot water can set the stain if any chocolate is left behind. Once you have washed in cold water, try a pre-treating stain solution if any chocolate has remained behind. Let that solution sits on the t-shirt for as long as the directions indicate. Then, wash it in the laundry as usual.

If the chocolate spills on a white t-shirt, it is much easier to remove the chocolate stain. Simply use a small amount of bleach directly on the t-shirt to remove the stain. Using a small amount that is applied with a cotton swab will keep you from applying too much bleach. Bleach can weaken fabrics, so it’s best to use as little as possible. Use the cotton swab to paint the bleach all over the stain. Allow the T-shirt to sit for at least 15 minutes in order to let the bleach do its work.

Check on the t-shirt periodically to make sure it that the stain is fading. You may need to add slightly more bleach if any chocolate remains on the shirt. Once the chocolate stain has faded, rinse the bleached area in cold water and wash the t-shirt in the laundry on cold. If you have used bleach, be sure to wash your t-shirt only with other whites to avoid bleaching the other clothing.

Is My T-Shirt Too Tight?

Because the current style changes so often, it can be hard to tell whether a t-shirt is fitting the way it should, is too loose or is simply too tight. This can be a tricky subject because the answer will be different for every person. This leads to a wide definition of how to tell if a T-shirt fits too tightly.

For men, how tightly a t-shirt fits is often a matter of the wearer’s body type. For someone carrying a few extra pounds, a t-shirt should hang well in order to disguise this aspect of the figure. The t-shirt would be too tight if it clings so closely to the body that the extra pounds are very obvious to anyone who sees the person. For a man who is slender or average, the t-shirt can fit slightly tighter and still be appropriate. The t-shirt should skim the body without being formfitting.

Many men also worry about having fat in the chest region. If this is the case, the t-shirt should fit looser than if the chest is flat. A t-shirt that is the proper size might be considered too tight if this chest area is visible. Choose one size larger than you would ordinarily choose in order to conceal that region.

For women, the standards are far different. The woman’s figure does have something to do with how tightly the T-shirt can fit, but there are other aspects involved as well. A tight t-shirt is often considered inappropriate for women in many different social situations. Going to church or school or being around family members often means that a t-shirt should fit looser than another such social situations.

To determine how tightly the T-shirt is fitting a woman, it’s important to see how closely it hugs the figure. Most women want a t-shirt that reveals something about their figure. This is often considered flattering for most figure types. To do this, the T-shirt should skim the figure without hiding or revealing too much. If a t-shirt fits correctly, some aspects of the figure should be left to the imagination, but the shirt should not be so large that the figure is completely obscured.

If the t-shirt is too tight, too much of the figure will be revealed. This is especially true in the chest region. If a woman’s chest is large, it can be especially difficult to find a t-shirt that skims the rest of the figure while not fitting the chest too tightly. If the entire shape of the chest is visible, the t-shirt is likely too tight. If there is a little bit of room in at the bust without having too much fabric around the middle, the fit is perfect.

Some people consider a thin figure a license to wear a very tiny t-shirt. But, just because there are no figure flaws this does not mean that nothing should be left to the imagination. If every curve of the figure is visible, the t-shirt is too tight- even on a thin figure.

How Do You Get Vaseline (petroleum jelly) Out of a T-Shirt?

Vaseline is a thick, oily substance that can leave any t-shirt with an oil stain even after it’s been washed several times. This may make you want to throw out your t-shirt in frustration, but there are ways to get rid of the Vaseline stain and to make a t-shirt look as good as it did before.

The first step in removing the Vaseline is to remove the part of it that is not entwined with the fabric. Use a butter knife, spoon or other stiff, dull surface to scrape the Vaseline off the t-shirt. After this is done, much of the Vaseline will be removed. The oil that is left behind must be washed out of the fabric.

One reason that washing a t-shirt does not get Vaseline out is that normal dishwashing detergent is simply not effective against something that oily. To get the grease out of the fabric, you need something specially formulated to remove grease. One of the least expensive ways to do this is to buy a dishwashing detergent like Dawn. By using liquid Dawn, you can lift the grease out of the fabric before washing it in regular detergent.

To do this, rub a little bit of Dawn into the grease spot. The amount of liquid that you use will depend on the size of the stain. Rub the fabric back and forth, getting the detergent deep into the fabric. Once you’ve done this, let the t-shirt sit for a few minutes to allow the detergent to soak through. Rinse the Dawn out of the fabric with hot water. Then, run the t-shirt through the laundry in hot water. If this does not remove all of the Vaseline, repeat the process to remove the rest of it.

In addition to Dawn, there are a few other products that are made to remove oil and grease. Shout makes a pre-treating product that is used in much the same way as Dawn. Simply apply it to the stain, rub it into the fabric and let it sit for a while before washing.

WD-40 is another product that some people have used with success remove Vaseline. It can be used as a pre-treatment just before you use Dawn detergent on the t-shirt. Some people find that this allows the Dawn to remove more of the Vaseline from the t-shirt. After using the WD-40 followed by the Dawn, wash the t-shirt in hot water.

Another method is to use isopropyl alcohol to dry out the oil and to allow it to be washed away from the fabric. Also known as rubbing alcohol, this substance will immediately start to break the oil down, allowing you to rinse it away. To use isopropyl alcohol, pour a little bit of alcohol over the stain and rub the fabric together. Once you have done this, run water through the fabric to lift out the oil. If there is some oil left still left on the t-shirt, repeat the process. The t-shirt can then be washed in the laundry.

What Pants Match My Yellow T-Shirt

A yellow T-shirt is a bright, sunny piece of clothing that brings a little ray of sunshine to your day anytime you wear it. You will want to have several pairs of pants available so that you can wear your yellow T-shirt anytime you choose. But what can you pair it with to make it look its best? There are many things that will coordinate with a yellow T-shirt and keep the yellow from fading into the background. To enhance the yellow color of your T-shirt, there are several options.

If the T-shirt is a bright yellow, it can be worn with any medium or dark colored pants.  The very bright yellow paired with a white might be nice for an Easter event, but it might be considered less than tasteful at other times of the year. But when paired with a pair of black pants or dark brown pants, a bright yellow T-shirt can be enhanced by the neutral color of the pants.

If the yellow color is very dark, medium or dark orange pants will coordinate well with it.  Dark yellow T-shirts also look good with black pants and dark jeans. If the yellow of the T-shirt is very light, it will not coordinate well with your jeans or dark pants. It will look best with a pair of tan pants, very light jeans, or a pair of white pants.

If you have any neon yellow T-shirt, it will probably look best when paired with black pants. But because neon yellow is not a dressy color, wearing it with a pair of black slacks would look a little awkward. The best course of action with neon is to pair it with a pair of black jeans or very dark casual pants. This enhances the bright nature of the yellow T-shirt and keeps the entire outfit from being completely overwhelming. Pairing a very bright yellow color with another bright color would be a little bit too much for the eye.

If you like pastels and enjoy wearing a pastel yellow T-shirt, you can pair it with other pastels for a soft look. A subtle spring look is a light yellow T-shirt with a pair of light green pants. You can play around with a few different pastel colors and see which one looks best with your particular shade of light yellow. Some light yellows will go well with a pastel blue or even a light orange pair of pants. A yellow T-shirt will likely not look good with a pair of red pants.

If you want to keep the yellow from overwhelming an outfit, make sure to choose a neutral color pants.  If you are celebrating an occasion and want to look as festive and eye-catching as possible, you might hear it with bright-colored pants in order to create a dramatic effect. With yellow, just about any look is possible. It can go from day to night, from casual to dressy and from eye-catching to neutral depending on what you pair it with.

What Pants Match with a Black T-Shirt?

Black T-shirts are not only one of the coolest colors among all t-shirt colors but they go well with a great variety of pants. That’s right. It is not hard to find the right pants and accessories to go with a black T-shirt and make you look great. This is true whether you are a guy or girl. The types of outfits you can create go on an on.

First of all there is the classic look of a black T-shirt with beige pants. What does this look say? Well it is stylish and classy. It may be the first color of pants you think of when you think black T-shirt. If you have writing on your T-shirt and it has lots of different colors, your beige pants will still be the perfect match for your black T-shirt. For years people have put on their beige pants with the black shirt. It works with dress shirts that are black, polo shirts that are black, and it works with T-shirts that are black too. Almost any shade of beige will work for you. Try this combination and you will look great.

But, with the black T-shirt you’ve got lots of options as well. It will work with black pants too. A black T-shirt with blank pants has its own special look. It is a sleek look that many are trying today. It presents a certain presence of power or even wealth. Add a blazer to your black pants and black T-shirt and you have just upped the ante. You now look great and even ready for many professional settings but with a modern, hip twist. This blazer can itself be black or you could try gray or beige for a winning combination too.

White pants with a black T-shirt can be very nice also. This is an especially good look for women. The contrast of shades, though not colorful per se, is actually a cute or feminine look that is quite alluring. Maybe you could add a splash of color with a red purse or belt and you are looking really good. Imagine a black and white outfit with some beautiful high heeled red shoes. Do you really think you can keep the guys away? No way.

So, go ahead and pick up some black T-shirts and see how far they can go in creating a look for you that you love. From the classic, “I am polished” look for guys to the “Look how sexy I can be” look for the girls and everything in-between, the black t-shirt will take you there. Find the right colors to match and you can be ready for a different event every day of the week with the same black T-shirt. Just be sure you wash it in between all these wearings. You might want to have a few on hand anyway, because with lots of use and lots of washings, the black is likely to fade a bit.

Will My Breasts Stretch My T-Shirt?

The answer to this question is not as easy as a yes or no. Many people are worried that their T-shirts will be stretched out of shape by their breasts. Whether or not this will happen will depend on several different factors. The first factor is what fabric the T-shirt is made from. Cotton is a very stretchy, springy material that does tend to be stretched to fit the shape of the person wears it. If the T-shirt is made from cotton, there is a much higher chance that your breasts will stretch out your T-shirt.

However, whether or not this happens will further depend on how large your breasts are and what the size of the T-shirt is.  If you have very large breasts and wear form-fitting T-shirts, or T-shirts that are very tight, you have a very good chance of stretching your T-shirt with your breasts. But, this does not have to be a bad thing. When cotton stretches to accommodate the figure, it is stretching to conform to your body. This makes it accommodate you better and gives you an individual, customized fit that other fabrics can’t provide. The T-shirt may have an area that is stretched, but it is stretched just for you and the T-shirt will fit you very well once this has happened.

If your breasts are relatively small, you may not do much stretching of your T-shirts at all. Of course, if your T-shirts fit very tightly, you will stretch the T-shirt to some degree. If you wear your T-shirts a little bit looser, however, you don’t have much stretching to worry about. If you don’t want to stretch your T-shirts and have a history of doing so, simply choose a T-shirt that is one size larger than you would have otherwise bought for yourself.

Large, roomy T-shirts will give you a much smaller chance of them becoming stretched by your breasts. Even if your breasts are very large, you can keep from stretching your T-shirts by wearing loose sizes. Remember however that cotton can shrink slightly and that this should be taken into account before buying the t-shirt.

If you tend to stretch T-shirts even when you are wearing a larger size than you feel you need, the problem may be the bra you are wearing. It is important to wear a bra that will hold your breasts in place and keep them from moving independently from your body. This type of motion is often what causes the T-shirt stretching. Wearing a minimizing bra is also a way to keep from stretching a T-shirt. If you have large breasts, there are a number of brands that make minimizing bras that can take an inch or two from your bust line and create a sleeker silhouette. This means that you may not have to buy a larger size at all to keep from stretching out your T-shirt with your breasts. Or, if you do choose a larger size, you will have much less chance of stretching out that T-shirt.

How to Get Clothes Soft Without Using Fabric Softener

Getting clothing soft is one of the most sought-after effects of washing and drying clothes. However, fabric softener is avoided by many people who have sensitive skin or who don’t like the smell of most fabric softeners. Some people also have concerns about the chemicals used in fabric softeners and what their possible effects on health and the environment may be. To solve this problem, there are ways to get soft clothing without using harsh chemicals as fabric softeners.

Vinegar is a substance long known to soften clothing. It is inexpensive and it is a completely natural substance. To use vinegar as a natural fabric softener, use plain white vinegar. Wash the clothing as usual and wait for the first rinse cycle. Then, during the beginning of this cycle, add about a cup of the vinegar to the clothing. This will soften the clothing without leaving any harsh residue, and it will be rinsed out during the final rinse at the end of the washing cycle.

Another method is to use less detergent on the clothing. Stiff clothing is sometimes caused by simply using too much detergent. This can leave residue in the clothing that makes them feel stiff or heavier than they should be. If your clothing often feels like this, experiment with how much detergent you really need. Cut the detergent in half and see if the clothing still comes out clean. If so, it will likely feel far softer than it did when you were using double that amount.

To get a fast softening effect, try ironing the clothes with steam and then rolling up the clothing. This keeps the humidity in the clothing and keeps it softer. After about 10-15 minutes, the clothing will have cooled and will be soft and ready to wear.

Another easy method to add a little softness is to always use the second rinse on your machine. Many people overlook the second rinse or don’t think it’s necessary to use it. However, a second rinse will get more detergent residue out of the clothing and will take out any small particles of dirt that have been left behind. This will leave the clothing in the load feeling far softer than if they had been denied that final rinse.

Baking soda is used by some people to soften their clothing. This can be used in several ways. It can be used as a substitute for the detergent, though this might not get rid of all the dirt and grime that detergent would. It can also be added along with the regular detergent. This allows the detergent to do its job, but it will keep clothing softer at the same time.

If you dry your clothing on a clothes line, this will contribute to stiffer clothing. To make the clothing softer, use a dryer. It may be more expensive to use than using a clothes line, but using a drier will make a big difference in the way the clothing will feel against your skin.

How to Get Ink Stains Out of Your T-Shirt

An ink stain is immediately noticeable on most colors of t-shirts. It can ruin the look of a t-shirt, but regular laundry detergent may not get the ink stain out of the fabric. And if it does, it may only fade the stain instead of getting rid of it completely. There are other ways that ink stains can be removed from a shirt without causing any damage to the t-shirt and without leaving any of the unsightly ink behind.

One of the tricks that many women use for removing ink from fabric is to use hairspray. This is a simple technique that can be used by anyone- male or female. To use this method, lay the t-shirt flat and spray the hairspray generously on the ink spot. Let the hairspray soak into the fabric for a few moments. If the stain is large or the ink has been particularly stubborn, let it soak for several minutes.

Once the hairspray has had soaking time, run the ink stain under cold water. Rub the fabric back and forth under the water and you should see the ink come right out of the fabric. If the stain is large, put the shirt in the laundry instead of running it under the sink. The ink should come out without leaving a trace behind. If you tend to get ink stains on your clothing, keep a little hairspray in the house even if you don’t use it on your hair.

If you don’t have hairspray on hand or you have a very stubborn ink stain, there are alternatives. Some inks, such as from permanent pens and markers, won’t respond as well to the hairspray treatment. If the t-shirt is white, there are several methods that can be tried. A bleach pen can be used to treat the stained area with a small, concentrated dose of bleach.

To use one of these, place the t-shirt flat against a hard surface that can’t be stained by the bleach. The end of the bleach pen is that dabbed along the ink stain to release drops of bleach directly onto the stain. The bleach should be left to soak into the fabric for at least 10 minutes. After that, either rinse the t-shirt thoroughly in the sink or put it into a washing machine and wash normally. If you use a washing machine, however, only wash the shirt with other white clothing or you will ruin the other items in the load.

If you don’t have a bleach pen or the stain has resisted all other treatments, you can also try washing the t-shirt with bleach in the wash. This, like the bleach pen, only works with white t-shirts. To do this, use a small amount of bleach in the washing machine and put the t-shirt in along with any other stained white articles of clothing. This should pull any other type of color, including the ink, out of the shirt. After running the load, however, run a quick empty load to wash away any remaining bleach from the machine before washing colored clothing again.

What Pants Match My Pink T-Shirt

When you have a pink T-shirt you may want to wear as often as possible. That means having plenty of pairs of pants that you know can be paired well with it in order to show it off to its best light. There are many different ways to showcase a pink T-shirt and to do it in style.

If the T-shirt is light pink, it is generally paired with something light to medium colored. It will not work well with a pair of black pants or a pair of dark brown pants. Even a pair of navy blue pants will be too dark to be paired with a light pink T-shirt. There are a number of other options, however, that are just as readily available. No matter what the shade of pink, every pink T-shirt tends to look good with a pair of tan pants. Tan pants are easy to find and come in many different flattering shades. They are light enough to coordinate well with a pink T-shirt but they are not so light that they will compete with it. They are a very good neutral tone to show off the pink color of your shirt.

In addition to the tan pants that you can wear with this color, there are also very light shades of white, off-white, and peach that can be worn with it. If the T-shirt is worn with an off-white or cream pair of pants; this is a well coordinated, cute outfit that is perfect for the spring time. It’s great for casual events and perhaps for casual Fridays as well.

There are some people who wear a pink T-shirt with jeans, but it may not be the best way to show off the pink color. The deep color of the jeans will tend to drown out the lighter color of the pink T-shirt. This is not true however, if the pink is a very deep pink or a fuchsia. If the pink is a very startling, bright color it will always get noticed. Even if worn with a dark color, a shocking pink T-shirt can be worn with a darker pair of pants for this reason.

There are a number of other colors that can be worn with pink T-shirts as well. For some shades of pink, particularly the ones that have a red hue rather than an orange one, a pair of red pants may go well with the shirt. The red should be a little darker than the pink color so that the pants will enhance the pink rather than overwhelm it. The darker red will then act almost as a neutral color to showcase the pink.

If your pink T-shirt has a noticeable orange hue to it, a pair of orange pants might work better than red ones. This orange hue will act much like the red pants by highlighting the color of the T-shirt. It will bring out the orange tones in the shirt and create a striking image. It will coordinate well and create a put-together image with a beautiful palette of colors.

What to Do If You Spill Bleach on Your Colored T-Shirt

Have you had an accident with bleach?  Spilling bleach on a colored T-shirt may seem like a death sentence for that T-shirt. You may be tempted to throw it out because you don’t see any other way to fix the T-shirt and create something that is wearable again. And if you do choose to go that route, you still have something that you can use when you don’t want to throw it out. You have a T-shirt that is one that you can use to sleep in, to do messy chores in, or to wash the car in. You might even use it to clean certain household objects that need a soft touch such as eyeglass lenses.

However, if you are not resigned to using the T-shirt for any of these purposes, there are still a few things you can do to save the T-shirt and to be able to wear it out in public again. One of the most obvious things that can be done in this situation is to simply bleach the rest of the T-shirt so that the entire shirt will match. You can do this by soaking the T-shirt in a tub with water and bleach, or you can wash the T-shirt by itself or with a load of white laundry with bleach. The bleach will turn the entire T-shirt white. It will not look the same as the T-shirt did before you spilled the bleach on it, but it will be a T-shirt that is all one color and very wearable and it will still fit the same as it did before.

If you don’t want the T-shirt to become a white T-shirt, there are a couple of options. If the T-shirt color was originally light, you might be able to dye the entire T-shirt and to end up with the same T-shirt in a darker shade. The darker color will ensure that the entire T-shirt is dyed the color. Trying to dye the T-shirt a lighter color will clash with the original color and create a mottled look.

If you are determined to keep the T-shirt all one color but you don’t want it to the bleach completely white, there is another option. You can began with the T-shirt that has a bleach stain and continue bleach it until the entire T-shirt is white.  Make sure to rinse that T-shirt very thoroughly before attempting the next step. Once it has been rinsed and all the bleach has been removed, you can dye it a different color. Because the entire T-shirt is white, is a blank canvas that is just waiting to accept a new color. When you do this, you can choose any color at all. You can pick a pastel or another light color, or you can try to find a fabric dye that very closely matches the original color of the T-shirt.  This will get you back your T-shirt the way it was before you had the bleach accident, or it will at least get it to a shade that is very much like it.

What Do Diagonal Stripes on a T-Shirt Do to Your Shape?

Diagonal stripes on a T-shirt are a very classic look that has never gone out of style.  Diagonal stripe T-shirts are such classics that many people choose to wear them in a variety of colors and with a variety of types of pants and skirts. Diagonal-striped shirts can be dressed up, and dressed down or anything in between, and they will stay relevant to a person’s wardrobe for a long time. However, many people tend to worry about what a T-shirt with diagonal stripes can do to the way their figure looks.

There are generally two main schools of thought about stripes on a T-shirt. For vertical stripes, the conventional thinking is that they will make you look taller. Vertical lines elongate objects and vertical stripes on the T-shirt will elongate the figure and make it look slimmer and longer. Horizontal lines are another T-shirt classic, but many people feel that they make their figures look wider. Lines running horizontally can make a field look wider in many cases and those types of stripes are avoided by many people for that reason. So if stripes going one way to make you look taller and thinner, and stripes go the other way to make it look wider, what can stripes that are running diagonally do?

The answer largely depends on the angle of the diagonal stripes. If they are running at any 45° angle, or directly from the corner on one side of the bottom to the corner on the other side of the top, there is very different way that the figure will is perceived because of these lines.

Diagonal stripes are one design that is flattering to many different types of figures. This design tends to enhance areas that are larger, and they will generally downplay areas that are flatter.  This means that on a woman’s figure, they will make the waist look smaller and the bust look larger. This is a great, flattering look for most women because of this effect. For men, the effect is similar. Much of their torso can be made to look flatter and leaner while their shoulders and other broad areas can be made to look larger by wearing a T-shirt with diagonal stripes.

To get the best effect with diagonal stripes, it is important to have two or three colors that are highly contrasting. By choosing a dark color and a light color to contrast with each other, and are creating a stronger visual effect than by choosing colors that are similar to each other. With a lot of contrast, the eye will be drawn to the diagonal stripes on the T-shirt and the effect will be far more noticeable.

The way that the stripes lay across the figure will also be far more noticeable. The way that the stripes fall across the body is really what is giving the flattering effects of this type of stripe. If the stripes are stretched outward slightly, such as by a set of broad shoulders, this is far more noticeable with the stripes than it would be with a solid colored T-shirt or one that has horizontal or vertical stripes.

How to Choose a T-Shirt That Will Stand Out in a Crowd

When wearing a t-shirt, it may sometimes feel like you blend in with all of the other people out there wearing t-shirts. T-shirt wearing is now so common that it can take a little bit of creativity to make yourself stand out apart from the crowd. There are several ways to go about choosing a t-shirt that will stand out. Choosing a color that gets noticed is one way. Choosing a saying that gets attention is another. Still other people like to wear a t-shirt with an attention-getting picture on it. And for the very bold, a combination of all three things is a sure way to stand out and be noticed in even the largest crowd.

Choosing a color that will make a t-shirt stand out apart from all the others can be done by picking the brightest, most eye-catching color possible. When you want to do that, there’s just one option- neon. A bright t-shirt in a neon orange, yellow or pink is just about as eye catching as a t-shirt can get among a crowd of people. The eye is drawn immediately to these bright t-shirt colors and it can’t help but get plenty of notice from everyone else in the immediate area.

A t-shirt that has a very clever or shocking statement will always get some attention. To get the biggest impact from words on a t-shirt, though, you need to be shocking. Taking a familiar saying and turning it around to mean something completely different is one way to do this. Another way is to use words that aren’t generally considered polite in most areas of society. This can, of course, lead to problems. To avoid any problems, use a word that sounds like a rude word but that won’t get you kicked out of your event.

Pictures can be one of the easiest ways to get a lot of attention very quickly for t-shirt. A picture of someone that is very recognizable and that is popular in pop culture is an easy way to get attention quickly. The best way to choose the right person for your t-shirt is to find out who is being talked about the most. Listen to who your friends are discussing and who is on the news most often and you may have the makings of a great T-shirt for capturing attention. If you can do something to change that photograph to make a statement, it will be even more attention-getting.

To do this to comic effect, try changing the picture slightly with small details. You might try painting sinister looking eyebrows onto a picture, putting a strange hat on them, or even putting makeup on them. There are a lot of ways to change photograph to make people notice right away that something about this photograph is different. You may get a lot of attention from people who are simply trying to figure out how you have changed the picture. This is a fun way to get attention without being offensive to anyone or getting yourself into trouble.

What Pants Match My Orange T-Shirt

Orange can be a tricky color to match well with a pair of pants. If you have an orange T-shirt, you may want to have as many options as possible to wear with it. This will mean that you have plenty of outfits choose from while still wearing your comfortable orange T-shirt. Luckily, there are plenty of options that will work with orange.

One of the most obvious choices for orange T-shirt is a pair of brown pants. It hardly matters what the shade of orange is, it will probably go well with a pair of brown pants.  There are brown slacks that are dressy and will dress up your orange T-shirt, and there are far more casual brown pants that will create a much more casual outfit. Dark brown corduroy pants are sometimes worn with orange shirts, and the two colors tend to look good together. This may not be true however, if the orange T-shirt is a pastel orange.

Pastel orange colors will likely look better with a much lighter pair of pants. A pair of light tan pants or even white pants will go well with a pastel orange T-shirt. This is a good outfit to wear for casual business environments and for spring occasions. Tan pants are readily available any time and they come in a wide variety of styles, making this a very versatile outfit.

Medium and dark orange shades often look best with very dark colored pants. These orange shades look great when paired with a pair of black pants. A good business casual outfit can be a medium or dark orange T-shirt along with a pair of black slacks. This is particularly true when the orange is a very dark shade. If the shade is closer to a medium orange, a pair of khaki pants may look best. Medium orange and a medium shade of khaki are two earth tones that look great together. They make a great outfit that doesn’t stand out as being strange, but it certainly isn’t an outfit that everyone wears. It strikes that balance of being unusual without grabbing the wrong kind of attention.

Just about any orange shades also go well with jeans. Jeans come in a variety of shades just like any other type of clothing.  For the best shade, try to match the colors by their intensity. A bright orange T-shirt will probably look best with a medium blue pair of jeans. A very light shade of orange on a T-shirt will go best with a light blue shade of jeans. A dark orange T-shirt will likely be best paired with a pair of deep blue jeans.

You can experiment with mixing and matching these to see how well the colors go together. If you have a T-shirt that is straddling the line between a light and a medium shade of orange, you might try several shades of jeans to see which coordinates best.  Also remember that jeans come in other colors that might work with your T-shirt. A rust colored pair of jeans may be perfect for that dark orange shirt.

How to Remove Tea Stains From T-Shirts?

A tea stain can seem like a terrible stain to try to get out of the T-shirt, but there are far worse stains that people are able to remove. A tea stain on a T-shirt does not have to mean that the T-shirt must be thrown away. There are many ways to get the stain out of the T-shirt and to get it looking the way it did before the tea was spilled. In other words, there’s no reason to cry over spilt tea.

One of the most important things to remember with any type of stain is to treat that stain as fast as you are able to treat it. That means getting to it quickly and treating it before it has the opportunity to set too deeply into the fabric. Once a stain gets set into the fabric, it becomes much more difficult to get it out again. If you have a stain that has not been on the T-shirt for very long, there’s a much higher chance of being able to get it out.

If the spill just happened, take off the T-shirt and rinse it with very cold water. If the stain is a small, you may be able to put water on the T-shirt while you are still wearing it. Otherwise, take it off and run it under the faucet or in a cold stream or whatever source of cold water is most convenient at the time. If you don’t have a source of cold water, use hot water if you have it. Hot water can have the unfortunate effect of setting the stain if the tea has been on the T-shirt for very long, however. So if it has been more than a few minutes since the tea was spilled, don’t try hot water.

A fresh stain will generally respond very well to cold water. If rinsing the T-shirt in cold water doesn’t get rid of the tea, try soaking it in a tub of cold water for several minutes.  This should release much of the tea. If that still doesn’t work, use a laundry spray to try to lift the tea out of the T-shirt before it sets into the fabric. These sprays are high-powered detergents that will pre-treat the stain and lift much of it away before the T-shirt is washed. Once you have pretreated the stain according to the label of the spray, wash the T-shirt in the laundry as soon as possible.

Use cold water to wash the T-shirt, even if it looks like most of the tea stain has been taken out of the fabric. If there is any of the tea still left in the cotton, using warm or hot water can cause it to bind permanently to the fabric. This can make it impossible to remove the stain without using bleach. If the T-shirt is a plain white shirt, or if the tea lands on a plain white portion of the T-shirt, bleach is another alternative to getting the stain out. Using a small amount of bleach can lift the stain away and make the T-shirt look just the way it did before.

How to Choose a T-Shirt to Show off Your Breasts

When you want to show off your breasts, there are few things that are better to wear then a T-shirt. The nature of cotton means that the material will hug the shape and will mold itself to the woman’s figure. Cotton T-shirts will develop a memory after being worn several times, and their shape will conform to your shape. If you want to make your breasts as noticeable as possible, wearing a cotton T-shirt that is tight around the breasts means that the T-shirt will stretch itself to accommodate your shape. That means a well fitting T-shirt and one that will not hide the breasts away from public notice.

If you want them to get the maximum attention, you might even try to wear a T-shirt that is a size too small. This will force the eye to notice your curves. The first time you wear a T-shirt that is a little too tight; the shirt may act in a slightly concealing way. It might push down on your curves and make them less noticeable. However, wear the T-shirt several times and you will soon see that it has stretched and its new shape is a powerful way to enhance your breasts.

Another quick way to get plenty of attention for your breasts is to wear a bright color that will command everyone’s attention to them. That attention might be attracted by the bright color, but that attention will stay because of the shape that you are showing off. A great bright color to wear is a bright yellow. Bright yellow is one of the most eye-catching of all the available colors. Wearing something that is bright yellow never fails to get attention. And if you’re ready to show off your breasts, you will first need to gain attention.

If you further want plenty of attention to your bust line, you may also want to design something with shapes, colors, or other designs that will enhance that area. Bright colors attract the eye and make things seem larger. Dark colors make things seem smaller than they are. So, the T-shirt that is darker on the bottom and lighter at the top will bring the eye up to the area that is lightest. If the bust area is light and the rest of the T-shirt is a very dark color, all the attention that comes to you will be focused on your breasts.

There are other ways that people design T-shirts in order to get the most attention they can for their breasts. This can include placing two large symbols or pictures at the bust line. Some people choose bunches of grapes, and there also T-shirts that feature fried eggs or other round items in order to get the most attention possible on that area. If that doesn’t seem entirely up your alley, you might try a few words printed across the chest.  If the words are small, people will have to get close and look at your chest in order to be able to read them.

How Long Will a Regular T-Shirt Last When I Am Pregnant?

Not being able to wear your favorite clothing can often be one of the hardest parts of being pregnant. Understandably, many women attempt to wear the clothing that they are familiar with and are comfortable in for as long as possible. And when you’re already uncomfortable because of a pregnancy, the comfort of a t-shirt can be very important.

When you first become pregnant, there is a phenomenon called bowel distention that can make a difference in your appearance very quickly. Within just a couple of weeks, the internal organs start to rearrange themselves to prepare for the baby that will be coming. This can result in the lower part of the stomach being pushed out before the baby has grown very much. This first push outward of the stomach can make a T-shirt that was very tight before the pregnancy into one that is simply too tight to wear any longer.  This early phenomenon is much more noticeable on thin women, and it may make more of an impact on women of that size.

For most women, how long they can wear a T-shirt during their pregnancy depends on two things: how big T-shirt is and how large their baby is. Otherwise, a T-shirt that is slightly roomy or over-sized might be worn for most of the pregnancy if the baby is relatively small. For babies that are particularly large, the T-shirt may not fit past about the seventh month.

A T-shirt that was tight or well fitted before will probably fit up until about the fourth or fifth month in most cases. The fourth month is generally when women began to show their pregnancy. If the T-shirt was large on the woman’s pre-pregnancy figure; however, this time period can be increased by a couple of months in most cases. Many women like to wear large, blowsy T-shirts that are comfortable and can be worn with anything.  A large T-shirt like this will probably accommodate most pregnancies of average size babies. But, there are some exceptions.

Twins and triplets are becoming increasingly common in our society, and these pregnancies understandably produce a much larger pregnant stomach. Anyone pregnant with twins or triplets will likely not be able to wear a pre-pregnancy T-shirt for very long.  For women who are carrying twins, unless a T-shirt is very large to begin with, they will probably not be able to wear it much past the third month. Even a very large T-shirt may not make it through one of these pregnancies.

Because it is impossible early in the pregnancy to know how large the baby will be and how much weight will be gained, it’s often best to simply buy larger T-shirts during pregnancy. This keeps the expectant mother from worrying about outgrowing her clothes and not having a comfortable T-shirt to wear while she is pregnant. Maternity T-shirts may be cut better for many pregnant women, but a T-shirt that is simply a larger size will also work for most women.

What Pants Match My Green T-Shirt

If you have a great T-shirt that you love to wear, or you are looking for a green T-shirt, you might wonder what type of pants will go well with that shirt. There are several different answers for this question, but rest assured that you will never be without many options to wear when you have a green T-shirt.

What type of pants you choose to wear with a green T-shirt will probably depend on what shade of green is on the shirt. A dark green shirt might be paired well with a dark pair of pants. Black pants go well with dark green, as do some shades of dark brown. A dark green T-shirt with a pair of brown corduroy pants goes well together. A dark green shirt and would not, however, look as good with a light-colored pair of pants. They should generally not be paired with a pair of tan or white pants.

A mid-range green color has a few more options as far as pants that will go well with it.  A medium green may go well with a pair of dark blue pants, dark brown pants or a pair of black pants. They generally do not go well with red or green pants unless you are going for a Christmas theme with your outfit.

For light green T-shirts, light colored pants will coordinate well. A light green shirt with tan or khaki pants is a nice, casual look for many different occasions. Light green also goes well with white pants or other very light colors. For this shade, white, light yellow or off-white pants go well with a very light pastel green T-shirt.

If you want to be more creative in your pairings, think about what green is made up of.  Like that old commercial said, yellow and blue make green. Depending on the shade of green that you have, you might be to find a yellow or blue pair of pants that go well with the green T-shirt.  This is a very casual look that will get you noticed, and it will coordinate well in most cases. For instance, a light green shirt and a pair of light yellow or light blue pants will work well together for casual springtime occasion. A very dark green shirt will coordinate with a very deep color of yellow.

In just about any case, with any shade of green on a T-shirt, jeans will always work well.  It seems that no matter what the T-shirt looks like, what color it is or how dark it is, jeans will always look great with it. And depending on the shade of the T-shirt, it may be possible to create a slightly dressy look with jeans and a green T-shirt. A dark, forest green shirt with a pair of jeans and pair of dress shoes is a nice outfit that can be worn to just about any occasion. It looks good together and it can be taken from casual business events to night time activities.

How to Choose a T-Shirt if You Have Large Breasts

There are times when you might want a little attention for your figure, but there are likely also times when that kind of attention is simply unwanted. When you want some attention paid to your figure, there are many different T-shirt types to wear than if you don’t want that kind of attention.

A good, attention-getting T-shirt for someone with this type of figure is one that is well fitted. The well-fitted T-shirt will fit the bust like a glove and will not be baggy around the chest. This is a way to enhance the bust line and to make it more noticeable to anyone who sees you in this type of T-shirt. Depending on the type of bra you wear, the T-shirt size that you choose may be different.  A bra that offers a lot of support will probably allow you to wear a smaller sized T-shirt than one that doesn’t. Choosing a good support bra means not only being able to fit into a smaller size, it also means having a silhouette that is made more attractive by the tight-fitting T-shirt.

There may be a lot of times when you don’t want any attention for your figure, however.  During those times, choosing a T-shirt that is looser in the bust line is the best idea. A looser bust line conceals the exact size and shape of the bust and keeps it from getting too much attention. Wearing a T-shirt that is one size larger than one that fits like a glove is a good way to keep the bust line from being too prominently noticeable in the T-shirt while keeping the T-shirt from getting to baggy.

To make the bust line seen smaller than it is, wearing a darker color on top is the best advice.  Many women with large breasts wear black or dark-colored T-shirts to achieve this look. Any dark color will have this effect on your figure. You can choose from dark blue, dark green, dark purple, or even a deep burgundy red and the dark color will make the entire area that covers look smaller to the eye.

On the other hand, if you are seeking to enhance the area, choose a lighter color. A bright yellow, a pink, orange, or even a white T-shirt will make the area seem a little larger. This enhances the figure and calls attention to it.

For women whose breasts are very large and tend to get attention no matter what, wearing two T-shirts may provide a little bit of extra support. One T-shirt with a slightly larger T-shirt worn over it, or even two T-shirts being worn that are the same size, will give a little extra support to the breasts as well as offering more material. This thicker material means that the breasts may not be as easily noticeable then if the material was thinner. And with the extra support, the breasts will move less as the woman is in motion, meaning even less attention being focused on the breasts.

Ways to Hide Gynecomastia When Wearing a T-Shirt

When you have gynecomastia, it can seem like everyone is staring at your chest.  Many men who suffer from the condition feel that whatever they wear is calling attention to the issue. In reality, a person with the condition often feels like it is much more noticeable than it is. That feeling of embarrassment is often the real problem. To lose the embarrassment and gain some of your self-confidence back, there are several ways to downplay the chest area and to hide the condition of gynecomastia.

One of the first things to remember is that dark colors will make the area look smaller. This is true of just about everything in the visual world. If you want something to look smaller, make it look darker. Wearing a dark color also makes it more difficult to determine exactly where some shapes end another begins. If the entire T-shirt is a very dark color such as a dark blue or black, the shapes that make up the silhouette may not be noticeable.

For many people with gynecomastia, there is one best method of wearing a T-shirt in order to hide the condition. Wearing a T-shirt that is at least one size larger than the one that would otherwise be worn is a good way of hiding the condition. Some men prefer wearing T-shirts that are two sizes larger in order to have the entire T-shirt fit very loosely. This leaves the figure to the imagination as it will not fit tightly against the chest.

Another way to mask the size of the chest is to wear two T-shirts. Wearing a tight T-shirt with a looser one over it may keep people from being able to see exactly how the person’s figure looks. Wearing a t-shirt that is tight may also help to keep the enlarged areas flatter than they would otherwise be. When this is worn with a looser T-shirt on top of it, it can have a profound effect on how the persons figure looks. Even without a loose T-shirt under it, two lose T-shirts being worn together may create enough ripples in the fabric that it is difficult to figure out exactly what is a fabric ripple and what is not. Two T-shirts also provide more material to cover the chest, which makes the entire area far less prominent.

If you want to make sure that your chest is not noticeable, avoid wearing white T-shirts.  Choose darker colors when possible, but always avoid wearing a white T-shirt. If the T-shirt is very see-through, as white T-shirts sometimes are, this can make the gynecomastia far more noticeable. If you need a very light-colored T-shirt such as when going to the beach, choose something in a pastel rather than choosing a plain white one. This will give you the benefit of reflecting the sun away from yourself while still giving you a little bit of protection against the effects that a white T-shirt can sometimes have. This keeps you adequately covered while still providing you with the comfort you seek.